ATG (MarApr12) - Replacement Timers

By Editor,

QUESTION: TM from CAL Writes: I hear you talk a lot Part Number 30931 Auto-Timer can it be made to work on the car? DC Nevada

ANSWER: DC, this being a new product it takes time to finish completely. We have several reports of this unit working well on the charger itself. The 30930 36-volt version is a good alternative for 36-volt ferro-resonant chagers. So don’t forget there are two versions 36-volt and 48-volt.

I had so many requests for the 30931 to work on the car so I finally took the time to do that.

Procedure: Leave on-board computer where it is. Disconnect the main negative 48-volt negative twelve gauge lead wire going to the computer. Cut this wire close to the computer and move the wire to battery number six negative terminal or battery number four if you have a four 12-volt arrangment. Choose an area on the front of rear body leg area. Using supplied template mount the AT (auto-timer). Replace the key switch with a on-off-on double throw style switch. We found that part number 2690 works well by cutting dash hole large enough for mounting. Or you can use any kind of aftermarket switch that has the correct configuration. This works with key in the center position plug the charger in. Then turn key to left position and after a time delay the charger will begin. When complete the timer will shut off indication of a green light. Unplug charger turn key to full right the car is in run position and timer is disconnected.

Nothing else needs to be done to the computer as long as the car runs. If it does not run, we have by pass wiring for that as well. Below is the wiring configuration for the install.



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