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United Commercial Upholstery (UCU) introduced their newest addition to their wildly popular Suite Seats line of custom golf cart seats called the Touring Edition at the recent PGA show.  According to Stan Stenten with Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories the dealers really liked what they saw.  Says Stan “the Touring Edition seats were very well received and the feedback we got was they were priced right”.  “We’ve carried UCU’s Suite Seats and related accessories for four years now and given their exceptional customer service I wasn’t surprised by the reception the new Touring Edition seats received.”

The new Touring Edition version of Suite Seats continues with the simple elegance of the original Suite Seats but also features a swing-up upholstered arm rest and headrest.  “They are also a little bit wider” notes Chris Vorwerk, chief engineer and Co-founder of UCU.  According to Chris “Our dealers have been asking for these upgrades so we weren’t surprised by the feedback we received at the PGA show but it still feels good.  “We have always put a lot of stock into the feedback we get from dealers.  For example many of our competitor’s seats interfere with enclosures so our dealers asked us to engineer our larger seat with arm rests so that it doesn’t require a special order enclosure or complicated, time consuming modifications.”

Phil Vorwerk, President and Co-founder, is quick to point out a couple of things as well.  “We basically created the custom golf cart seat market seven years ago and our seats feature a level of quality that can only come from years of feedback” so he agrees that his dealers deserve a lot of the credit…”They are our eyes & ears in the marketplace so we have always listened carefully to what they have to say.  We put a lot of value in building solid, long term relationships with our dealers. Suite Seats has become a supplier to a couple of OEM’s…specifically Evergreen Electric Vehicles (formally Fairplay Electric Cars) & Star Electric Vehicles.  “Doing business with them has really helped us” say Phil. “An OEM comes to us with very strict requirements in the areas of quality control, ease of install, competitive pricing & tight timelines and there is no question we do things better because of our relationship with these OEM’s.”

In addition to the arm & head rests and wider seat there is another benefit to the Touring Edition.  “The dealers asked that we make them to have a softer feel right out of the box so we added an extra layer of softer foam on the top…and we are very pleased to announce we will be making that change to the traditional Suites Seats in the near future as well.”  Says Chris “again this is what the dealers asked for so we figured out a way to do it without increasing the price or sacrificing quality.  I guess the message is that our Suite Seats are always evolving and we will never stop making improvements to them.”

The Touring Edition seats are available in the same vinyl colors and Sunbrella Plush fabric choices as the traditional Suite Seats as well as unlimited custom colors and embroidery options and they are available to fit virtually every cart out there.

For more information or to become a dealer please visit our website at www.ucuinc.com.


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