ATG (MarApr12) - Determining E-Z-GO Drive Sytems

By Editor,


TM from CAL Writes: I hear you talk a lot about drive systems and how do I tell what system is in my E-Z-GO car?


Determining if you car’s drive system is Regenerative /Dynamic Braking or Series is not that difficult. Regenerative/Dynamic Braking simply means the car’s system is called a SepEx system. The motor utilizes a separately excited field. Reversing direction of the motor on SepEx systems is done internally inside the controller with the use of a rocker switch. In a Series system, the motor fields are in series with the armature. Reversing the motor direction on Series systems is obtained by means of a large forward/reverse shifting switch/lever mounted on the front of the rear body. Series motors and controllers will not interchange with SepEx motors and controllers! That is why it is very important to identify what system your particular car utilizes. Pay close attention to the year and identity chart, as there are exceptions to rocker switch or lever switch reversing.



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