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Extreme Custom Carts has done it again. Again , and again. For those of you who are at the edge of your seat, we have decided to give back to the community who has given us so much. We have built the most sleek, most elegant, sexy, soft pink custom car, this county has ever seen. We have truly out done ourselves; once again.

It is October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. Michelle, along with Troy have designed and built a custom beauty. And would you believe it? The Team at Extreme Custom Carts are giving this car away for raffle. Now this is where we mention the warm, big hearted investors. Nivel, the largest golf car parts and accessories manufacturer/distributor, donated all the parts needed to complete this one of a kind golf car. Royal Battery, largest battery vendor in Florida, donated, you guessed it, brand new batteries for this amazing cause.

This pink car will be displayed at various golf courses through out the Viera and the Melbourne area for viewing and for the raffle purchase. Tickets will also be available online Monday October 10th. The proceeds of this golf car will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness, right here locally to Florida. Tickets are $5 each, 2 tickets for $8 and 29 tickets for $100.00. The winner will be drawn on November 25th, 2011, Black Friday. No-one need be present, but the winner will be notified at noon that day. The winner will be asked to pose for photographs and say a few words for our follow up articles.

No other custom cart shop does it like we do, we create the unimaginable, the awesome, the dream golf car, because we, are Extreme Custom Carts.


Strategic Alliance will Offer Lead-acid Customers Lithium-based Solutions

Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, and Palladium Energy, a leading manufacturer of custom lithium-based battery packs, have formed a strategic alliance to develop clean energy battery solutions for a broad range of industries. Together, the companies will explore the development of lithium-based battery packs for use in Trojan’s key market segments which include renewable energy, golf, transportation, floor machine, aerial work platform, marine and recreational vehicles.

This strategic partnership enables Trojan to expand its portfolio of battery offerings to meet evolving customer demands for applications requiring lithium-based technology. The combination of Palladium’s expertise in cell technology, design engineering and testing with Trojan’s more than 85 years of lead-acid battery engineering capabilities enhances collaborative efforts to develop lithium-based battery packs under the Trojan brand.

“As industry leaders in the development of innovative battery technologies, the partnership between Trojan and Palladium will allow us to provide the market the most advanced battery solutions to support the evolving needs and demands of Trojan customers,” said Mat Segal, senior vice president of global business development at Trojan Battery Company. “Broadening Trojan’s product portfolio to include lithium-based solutions also better enables the company to expand Trojan’s reach into new and evolving industry segments worldwide.”

The market demand for lithium-based battery solutions continues to grow as emerging market segments, such as renewable energy, take hold. Traditionally used in portable consumer electronic devices, advances in lithium-based battery packs now enable the use of smaller, lightweight footprints with increased energy density in a broad range of applications that require primary or back-up battery power.

“By partnering with an industry leader such as Trojan, Palladium can produce battery packs for a wider variety of market segments,” said Art Salyer, president and chief executive officer for Palladium Energy. “The world’s leading original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers already trust Palladium’s power solutions, but this partnership will catapult our company into new and emerging verticals and medium and large format applications, allowing us to have an even larger role in powering the world with green technology.”

For more information visit About Palladium Energy; For more information, please visit


Introducing Exceed Hybrid Technology™, the fully integrated supplemental power source for E-Z-GO electric vehicles. This groundbreaking system, now available on the E-Z-GO® Freedom RXV® personal golf car and E-Z-GO 2Five® street-legal vehicle, allows vehicles to travel up to 150 miles on a single charge by supplementing the vehicle’s 48-volt electric powertrain with a small gas-powered generator.

The Exceed system adds a 6hp, 205cc gas-powered generator to the patented 48-volt AC Drive system featured on the electric Freedom RXV and 2Five. When engaged, the generator recharges the vehicle’s batteries on the fly, greatly extending the range that the vehicle can travel on a single charge. The system’s single-cylinder, low-emissions gas-powered engine meets all EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.

The Exceed system also features a 400-watt power source to allow for the charging and use of small electronic devices such as radios, mobile phones, and laptop computers. A standard 120-volt, three-pronged electrical outlet is mounted in the dashboard of the vehicle to allow for convenient use of such items from the vehicle’s cabin.

Exceed Hybrid Technology seamlessly integrates with your E-Z-GO vehicle for simple operation and a sharp fit and finish. All system controls are mounted in the vehicle’s dash within easy reach. The Exceed system itself mounts into the vehicle’s rear bagwell and is fitted with a specially designed cover to protect the system and provide a clean, integrated look.

In tests simulating real-world, “stop-and-go” use, a four-passenger, Exceed-equipped 2Five under an average load and traveling at a speed of 16 mph, was able to traverse 150 miles between charges. Actual distance will vary depending on numerous factors, including a vehicle’s load, weather conditions, the terrain, and any optional equipment installed.

Exceed Hybrid Technology will be available in August as a factory-installed option for the E-Z-GO Freedom RXV® personal golf car and on the E-Z-GO 2Five® street-legal vehicle. Existing owners of those models will soon be able to upgrade their vehicles with an aftermarket Exceed Hybrid Technology kit available for installation at E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers. To find your local dealer, please use the E-Z-GO Dealer Locator.


Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC today unveiled their 2012 EVE Low Speed Vehicles. The most notable difference over previous years is the move the AC Power in all EVE models. “Our AC Motor has excellent performance characteristics. Our testing shows improved range due to the efficient nature of the brushless AC system,” says Keith Andrews, President of Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC whose company produces the EVE products.

In addition to the move to AC power in all EVE LSV models, the vehicles now come with the Ameri-Torque brake system by AUSCO products located in Michigan. The mechanical disc brake system is far superior to the typical brake drums. There is a 30% increased amount of brake force generated when the same pedal force is applied. The brakes perform better in wet conditions and are easy to service and maintain. “The Ameri-Torque brake system increases our use of quality parts made right here in America,” adds Andrews.

Even with the improvements to the 2012 EVE models, the base price will remain the same as our 2011 vehicles. “We are proud of our team for the hard work and effort to deliver such a great product without an increase in the cost to the customer,” says Andrews.

EVE products are sold exclusively through an authorized dealer network throughout America. Market areas are available in select areas and in most states an automotive dealer license is required. Contact an EVE LSV representative to learn more about becoming and EVE LSV dealer.

Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC is a Colorado Company with assembly facilities in the Long Beach, California area, where it produces 100% electric vehicles in four distinctive brands; HOSS Extra Duty Utility line of commercial vehicles, LEGACY Golf and Recreational, EVE LSV street legal low speed vehicles and is developing an off road hunting vehicle under the GOAT brand. Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC sells through its network of authorized dealer throughout North America and the world.

For additional information about any of the vehicles offered by Evergreen Electric Vehicles, go on line to visit us at or


Keeps Occupants Dry and Seamlessly Incorporates Other Accessories

Owners of Club Car’s Precedent Villager 4 golf cars can now remain dry in the

heaviest downpours, thanks to the newest accessory for this vehicle: the Monsoon XL Canopy. A significant leap forward in functionality and customer ergonomics, this canopy offers features not seen in other golf car manufacturer’s offerings.

The result of years of development and refinement, the new canopy is made of blow molded, double-wall, impact resistant polyethylene (HDEP). Using this material allowed for the design of a canopy that is robust and can aesthetically integrate new features and optional accessories.

The canopy’s increased dimensions combined with a unique built-in drainage system flows more than three gallons of water per minute, or 14 inches of rain per hour, keeping the car and all four occupants dry and comfortable. An optional in-canopy ventilation system provides air flow, cooling and insect abatement—an industry first among the OEM manufacturers. The canopy is also designed with built-in speaker, stereo/radio and strobe light mounts as well as a unique no-drill track mounting system for owners who wish to add full enclosures.

“The size and durability of the Monsoon XL canopy, coupled with its accommodating design, make it a versatile, valuable addition for this vehicle that is used in such a wide range of applications,” says Kurt Meyer, Club Car’s commercial/industrial marketing manager.

The stylish four-passenger Precedent Villager 4 is a favorite among individual, business and industrial owners. It is built on a rustproof aluminum frame, features front and rear suspension systems for sport-like handling, and comes in electric or gas models.

The Monsoon XL Canopy is now available in white or beige at Club Car dealers and distributors. To find a dealer near you, visit and click “Dealer Locator.”


With specially designed carbon fiber body panels and supercar inspired modifications on the exterior, the Garia Mansory Edition proudly conveys the values of its creators: craftsmanship, design and luxury.

Designed through a unique creative collaboration between Garia, the Danish manufacturer of luxury golf and leisure cars, and Mansory, the world-famous customizer of supercars such as Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Bentley, this one-off golf and leisure car embodies the style and quality of its automobile lineage.

Carbon fiber – an ultra-light yet exceptionally strong material normally used in the motor sports and aircraft industries – has been used on body panels on the front apron, side steps and tail apron. The cabin floor is lined with teak tree, while the specially designed headlights, air scoop and fender gills complete this unique and complex transformation.

“When creating the Garia, we set out to build the best golf car in the world, teaming up with the most renowned suppliers in the automobile industry, and with the Garia Mansory Edition our connection to the automobile world is further strengthened”, says Mr. Anders Lynge, designer of the Garia.

“At Mansory, we have always been passionate about luxury cars, and the Garia is a natural supplement to our portfolio as it meets our quality standard of production on the highest technical level combined with masterly craftsmanship and the most precious materials”, says Kourosh Mansory, owner of Mansory Design and Holding GmbH.

Also introduced is the Garia 2+2 with it’s fitted with a rear seat with space for two more passengers.

“The Garia is essentially a very versatile vehicle that can be used for local transportation, golfing and daily errands. With the Garia 2+2 it becomes a vehicle that you can use with your family and friends”, says Mr. Anders Lynge, designer of the Garia. “It is also a great option as a utility vehicle for hotels and resorts”.

In keeping with the Garia concept of design, quality and luxury the rear seat is elegantly integrated into the current design.

The Garia 2+2 is also available with luxury options such as a refrigerator built into the dashboard.

For more information about Garia, please visit


Yamaha Golf-Car Company and Canadian based DSG TAG Systems, Inc., have formed a strategic partnership that provides Yamaha fleet customers immediate access to the innovative DSG Fleet Management System.

This cost effective and easily installed state-of-the-art technology helps maximize golf course operational efficiency, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. The system consists of a small wireless enabled transmitter/receiver (known as a TAG) that is easily and inconspicuously installed on each car in the fleet. Utilizing existing cellular networks and web based (cloud technology), the operator gains real time information, including:

• Exact location of each golf car viewable on specific, local or regional maps.

• Geo-fencing (virtual fences), that restricts golf car access to pre-designated and sensitive areas.

• Zone alert notification for the operator (or designated person) when a golf car enters a restricted zone (such as a green or parking lot), or if it leaves course grounds. This helps prevent unwanted incidents, potential course damage, golf car damage or theft and could minimize golf club liability.

• Lock down for staged golf cars until they are ready for use when they can be ‘released’ without the need for a key. This saves time and money during tournament staging and events.

• Real-time pace of play monitoring and easy view of any bottlenecks or slow play from the clubhouse, any remote computer, tablet or smart phone. This helps your actual marshals be more effective.

• Real time golf car statistics helping to ensure maximization of fleet rotation , and monitoring of rounds played, distance cars are driven, battery state-of-charge with alerts to the operator should a golf car become disabled.

• Monitoring of “extra or free rounds” to minimize lost revenue.

DSG technology is universal and not restricted to one model or type of car. It operates effectively on all vehicles including fleet golf cars, turf mowers and equipment, food & beverage vehicles and utility vehicles. Through a proprietary “smart battery” technology the TAG recharges itself only when the cart is being recharged. When the cart is in use, the TAG runs off its own internal battery. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the TAG isn’t drawing any power off the vehicles own batteries during the day.

For more information on DSG Fleet Solutions go to and for more information on Yamaha Golf Cars, visit us on the web at


Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, has announced the appointment of Mat Segal to senior vice president of global business development. In his new role, Segal will be responsible for managing international sales growth and leading Trojan’s strategies focusing on the global expansion of sales and distribution of Trojan products.

“Under Mat’s leadership Trojan will continue implementing the company’s strategy to expand its international markets and penetrate newer developing regions worldwide. These markets represent significant opportunities to enhance Trojan’s global reach and presence,” said Dave Godber, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Trojan Battery. “Mat will take on the added responsibility of managing sales and new business development activities for both foundational and emerging markets outside of the U.S.”

Prior to joining Trojan Battery in 2010, he served as a consultant to Trojan advising the company on a range of initiatives including long-term corporate planning, operational improvements and renewable energy business planning. Segal has a distinguished career as a senior strategist developing key initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. He served as a partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants, founded Fountainhead Concepts Inc. and was a senior manager for The Mitchell Madison Group. Segal also held business planning and management posts at Cedars-Sinai Health Systems, Disney Consumer Products and Tsunami Trading.

Segal received his MBA with honors in strategy and finance from The Anderson School at UCLA where he served as president of the Management Consulting Association and director of the Entrepreneurial Association Mentor Program. Segal earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Northwestern University.

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Marc Dufour has been named president of Club Car, an Ingersoll Rand brand. Dufour will have overall responsibility for the operational performance and strategic direction of the golf car and utility vehicle manufacturer.

Dufour is Club Car’s fifth president in the company’s 53-year history. He succeeds Gary Michel, who recently was named president of Ingersoll Rand’s Residential Solutions Sector.

The 30-year Ingersoll Rand veteran has spent his entire career in the company’s Industrial Technologies Sector, which provides products and services – from compressed air systems, tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems and small task-oriented vehicles – that enhance energy efficiency, productivity and operations. After joining Ingersoll Rand in 1981 as an application engineer, Dufour has held various positions with increasing responsibility. For the past five years, he has served as president of the America’s Region of the Industrial Technologies Sector. Previously he was president of Ingersoll Rand’s global Air Solutions business.

Dufour assumes leadership of one of golf’s most respected brands as Club Car expands its reputation as a leading manufacturer of small task-oriented vehicles that serve a growing number of industries.

“I’m thrilled and honored to lead a company as respected and well positioned as Club Car,” Dufour said. “Throughout the Ingersoll Rand enterprise, as well as anywhere in the world where its people and products serve, Club Car is known for its innovative spirit, dedication to customers and unique culture. This is a very special opportunity for me.”

Randy Marquardt has been named vice president of Global Marketing for Club Car, an Ingersoll Rand brand.

Marquardt joins Club Car from Ingersoll Rand’s Residential Solutions Sector, where he served as vice president and general manager since 2008.

Marquardt replaces Robert McElreath, who recently was named vice president, Air Products for Industrial Technologies, also an Ingersoll Rand brand.

Marquardt brings 30 years of sales and marketing experience to Club Car. While at Residential Solutions, he was responsible for Ingersoll Rand’s residential security business as well as retail and builder channels in the residential HVAC market. Prior to joining Ingersoll Rand in 1999, he held various marketing and sales leadership roles at Armstrong World Industries. Marquardt is a graduate of Colorado State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“Randy is well prepared to lead and to continue to grow one of golf’s most respected brands,” said Marc Dufour, president and CEO of Club Car. “His experience in consumer and commercial markets will lend important insights to new growth opportunities for our brand.”

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