CS (MayJun11) - Tomberlin’s Golf Sport Model GS

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cover1Tomberlin’s Golf Sport Model GS

Building on the momentum of their market leading E-Merge® series of Low Speed Vehicles, Tomberlin® Automotive Group, Inc. has enthusiastically announced the introduction of the Golf Sport (GS) model golf car, offering all the safety features of their LSV’s engineered and introduced to the market five years ago.

After a year of purpose-built engineering, November of 2006 saw the first Tomberlin E-Merge LSV roll off the assembly line. It offered a fresh look that was well received by consumers with its pronounced grill, enclosed trunk, clear headlights and color-matched canopy. The first E-Merge accomplished Tomberlin’s objectives to provide a stylish design that would not be mistaken for others and one that would be remembered. To leverage the look they loaded it with standard features such as four-wheel hydrualic brakes, independent front suspension and an on-board charger to assure an excellent driving experience for the owner. “By the time we launched, we felt confidant we had something special”, says Mike Tomberlin.”

A key product strategy at Tomberlin was to take several features found in other powered products while keeping a more traditional wheelbase commonly associated with a golf car footprint. “There’s a reason people utilize golf cars for multiple purposes,” says Nat Newsome, Tomberlin’s marketing manager. “They are small, quiet, maneuverable and efficient. We wanted to give the people what they wanted, matched with numerous safety features and technology they were not aware of but would assure an improved ease of ownership.”

Tomberlin’s newly introduced 2011 Golf Sport (GS) model golf cars, which offer all the safety features of their LSV’s, include optional accessories which compliment the golf course and neighborhood markets, such as golf bag attachments, fold-down windshields, and the new Tomberlink’s Golf Kit consisting of a sand bucket, cooler and ball washer - all branded with the Tomberlin logo and outfitted with custom brackets. The Golf Sport Model is available immediately in several exciting colors, to include a custom OEM Dupont® paint option that offers hundreds of colors. The GolfSport also has numerous seating options, plus the outstanding Tomberlin Entertainment System headliner.

According to Newsome “safety will always be a primary influence in product creation at Tomberlin, and we will not compromise our safety standards with the new GS model golf car. Therefore, the GS will have front and rear disc brakes, seat belts, independent front suspension and an on-board smart charger.” In addition, the GS model golf car has two customized speed settings. The Golf setting is at 14 mph, and the Neighborhood setting is at 19 mph.

“A dealer will not need an automotive license to sell the GS model golf car, because it cannot be tagged due to the specialized speed settings” says Newsome. When asked why Tomberlin was entering the golf market, he stated. “It’s simple, whether we support the decision for our E-merge models to be on the course or not, it became clear our customers were using them for golf in several areas. Plus, we had significant dealer demand. In fact, The Villages Golf Cars in Florida, the largest retailer of golf cars in the world, just chose Tomberlin as their primary source for electric golf cars. The vast majority of their customers do not title or tag their vehicles. The Villages Golf Cars endorsement of Tomberlin speaks volumes to the interest consumers have in driving a safer and better performing golf car. It may be over-engineered for golf course-only use, but it will definitely meet or exceed consumer expectations.”

“The introduction of the GS will open Tomberlin’s retail market to new areas while expanding brand awareness and acceptance, consumer availability and business potential ” says Tomberlin. “We are building tremendous momentum in the market, with many upcoming announcements regarding product, innovation and new alliances. These are exciting times!”

Tomberlin concluded ” Dealers have recognized our broad offering provides them with a significant business opportunity. In fact, with over 25 LSV and golf car models available, Tomberlin has pushed the diversity envelope to the limit. “We have purpose-designed and engineered product that attracts everyone from the avid hunter and outdoorsman to grandparents. The Tomberlin brand drives showroom traffic and more fully engages a broad range of customer lifestyles. We recognize we need our dealers more than they need us, and we feel very fortunate to have well over 300 great dealers supporting us.” Visit www.tomberlin.net and learn more about their product, their people and their future.


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