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SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA. – Mar. 8, 2007 – Trojan Battery Company has introduced Plus Series™, an innovative addition to their deep-cycle battery line-up, featuring new designs that address user needs for easier maintenance and longevity in the Golf market.


“Properly maintaining your battery means achieving maximum performance and long life that you expect,” said Christine Johnson, senior marketing manager. “We designed the Plus Series so it’s easier for our users to maintain properly for maximum performance and long life that they can depend on.”


The Plus Series features three new components: 1) SureVentTM flip-top vent cap system; 2) “max-level” water level indicators in the vent filling wells; and 3) die-cast embedded terminals.


The patent-pending SureVent flip-top vent cap system makes opening and closing the vents easy. Unlike the common screw-top caps used by most companies, SureVent caps flip open and stay attached to the battery cover, preventing users from misplacing or getting dirt on the caps during watering.


Because proper watering helps maximize battery life, Trojan designed the “max-level” water indicator, a built-in “lip” within each vent well. This visible indicator allows precise watering and helps prevent over-watering. 


The terminal for the Plus Series is embedded in the hard plastic cover. Die-cast embedded terminals withstand the heat and stress of the most demanding applications better and eliminate terminal breakage.


“We feel that the Plus Series is another example of Trojan’s commitment to providing market-leading innovation and solutions to the deep cycle markets that we serve,” said Dave Godber, executive vice president of sales and marketing. “We spend a lot of time listening to the users of our products and we are excited that this product line addresses many of their needs and concerns.”


The Plus Series batteries are available through Trojan’s Master Distributor Network in the following sizes: T-105 Plus, T-125 Plus, and T-145 Plus types, with T-1275 Plus available in August 2007. Trojan’s proprietary Maxguard® Advanced Design Separator and exclusive AlphaPlus® paste formulation are still included.


For more information call 800-423-6569 or visit www.trojanbattery.com.


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