CS (SepOct08) - M&M Vehicle’s LSV Line-Up

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With gas around $4.00 a gallon, everyone is looking for an alternative means of transportation. All electric, low speed vehicles (LSV) may be the answer. Club Car’s CarryAll 6 is a street legal low speed vehicle in most states. M&M Golf Cars is Missouri’s first LSV new car dealer, selling Club Car and Tomberlin LSV’s.


M&M Vehicle Corporation has made kits and accessories for golf cars since 1989. In addition to the stretched cars, ambulances and four passenger conversions, M&M Vehicle provides a Utility Van Box that allows the owner of Club Car’s CarryAll 6 to get the most out of their LSV. The Van Box provides 68 cubic feet of storage plus the option of a roof rack. One to three doors and shelving to meet the customers needs turns the LSV into a practical “in town” service vehicle.


Perhaps just as important in today’s struggling economy is the prominent advertising space and the public’s perception of a “green” vehicle. Owners of the M&M Van Box equipped LSV will be seen using leading edge technology in a practical way. With the company logo and contact information prominently displayed for easy recognition, it’s an eye catching, money saving, practical (LSV) utility vehicle.


Mommen’s Heating of Mexico Missouri is using its M&M Van Box equipped LSV to make service calls within the city limits. Charged over night during non-peak hours, the Club Car CarryAll 6 has proven to be a reliable electric, LSV vehicle that travels approximately 300 miles for the cost of one gallon of gasoline. The Van Box holds all of the required HVAC service equipment with room to spare and the ladder rack is easy to use with a tie-down to secure the ladder to the roof of the car. Dennis Mommens, owner of Mommens Heating and Cooling says “The advertising is very cost efficient, a one time cost that will last the life of the vehicle. M&M customized the van box to fit our needs and that’s exactly what it does.”


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