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In less than 5 years, Star Electric Vehicles have expanded from one single model to 21 models, range from 2 passenger golf car, to 14 passenger buses. Their latest addition is a Star 4×4 hunting buggy which offers unprecedented value in the industry such as 4 wheel disk brakes, 4 wheel independent suspensions, and 2 independent motor control systems. If you are looking for an electric vehicle, Star is the choice, Star has it all.


With Ph. D, MBA degree, and 10 years of electric engineering experience under their belts, Jane and Jun started their company in late 2003, then Bob Weist, a machine shop owner, sold his business and became a partner a year later. Because of their commitments to product quality and customer services, Star Electric Vehicles started taking off. For 2006, 2007, and 2008, three years in a row, the company has been elected in the top 25 Fastest Growing Companies in South Carolina by South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, and this year, they also made to the Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in Unites States of America.


Star stated with a 36V 2 passenger golf car offer in 2004, gradually, they have added 48V 4 passenger model, 6 passenger model, lifted cars, flat bed utility car, 2, 4, 6 passenger “bubble” cars, and 11 to 14 passenger buses. Some of the cars are also street legal. This year, they also added a 4×4 hunting buggy, and AC system upgrade to their vehicles. “The AC system presents lots of advantages compared to traditional DC system”, says Jun Hu, their president, “you don’t have to mess with brushes and commutator any more, for the same foot print, the AC motor can easily double the speed, and double the torque. It’s ideal for street legal LSVs and applications in hilly areas.” “EZ-GO has it, Clubcar has it, so do we,” says Jane Zhang, their CEO.


Star has two years warranty on its vehicles, parts and labor. They have standard RMA procedure in place, all the vehicles are shipped with warranty registration form, and every problem is recorded, solved, and feedback to their manufacturers for improvements. “We can not guarantee your vehicle trouble free, but we stand 100% behind our product, we will not stop working until the customer is satisfied”, says Bob, Customer Service VP


Most recently, Joe Wallington , former VP of Sales, Michelin North America, has joined the company as their sales and marketing VP. “His vast sales and marketing experience is exactly what we have been looking for”, says Jane Zhang, their CEO, “We all believe that Star Electric Vehicles have a bright future, especially, with the newly passed Energy Act 2008, congress has offered tremendous tax credits on plug-in electric vehicles (Section 205, H.R. 1424), it really excited our dealers and the electric drive community”. For more information, please visit www.starelectricvehicles.com.


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