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How many times have you asked yourself, “Where can I get a battery for the lawnmover, the motorcycle, my camcorder?”  What about the ATV, the Jet Ski, those kids riding toys?  When you need a wheel chair battery or home security battery, where do you go?  With every battery you can imagine under one roof, Battery Source is the super store that has evolved over the years to be the one-stop shop for any and all battery needs. 


We can name every kind of battery in the store, but that would take forever.  So here’s a taste of items The Battery Source supplies power to…the car, the cell phone, the cordless phone. What about the lap top computer or the car remote?  Battery Source has every camcorder battery ever made in stock.  If dad’s cordless drill or game feeder is out of juice, it’s all at one location…The Battery Source.


Looking for alkaline batteries?  They have them in bulk prices that you won’t believe.  Battery Source can even build you a custom ni-cad battery pack on-site for your specialty electronic equipment that is so hard to find.


Battery Source is the number one place to go for batteries, but are you familiar with E-Z-GO golf cars?  Battery Source is also an authorized Prestige E-Z-GO dealer, offering new and used golf cars to the general public.  The Glass family started selling golf cars in 1994.  This was a good fit for the Battery Source stores. 


Battery Source started selling the E-Z-GO ST line when they first were introduced in 1995.  Golf car sales for Battery Source have grown well in the last 13 years.


Battery Source has evolved over the years from Ray Glass Batteries, which is still a wholesale division of the company.  Ray started the business in 1958 with a single wholesale route out of Thomasville, Georgia.  Between the late seventies and early eighties, Ray’s sons got involved and have added routs to cover South Georgia, North Florida and Alabama. 


In 1989, the retail division of Battery Source was added when the Glass Family realized there was a need for small, specialty type batteries that was not being met by other retail locations.  The electronics stores and cellular stores were selling camcorders and phones, but keeping a limited number of batteries in stock for new models and very few batteries, if any, for last year’s models.


Battery Source offers free twelve-minute installation on most models of automotive batteries. Battery Source offers a full line of automotive, marine, commercial and golf car batteries. 


Battery Source has 11 retail locations throughout Georgia, Florida and Alabama with it’s home office in Thomasville, Georgia. 


After all of these years, the company is still family owned and operated by Ray Glass, who serves as president of the corporation.  His wife, Vivien serves as secretary/treasurer.  Bobby Glass is Vice President of wholesale routes.  Robby Glass, vice president in charge of retail sales, and Kevin Glass is Vice President in charge of operations.


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