ATG (MarApr09) - More Power on ‘94 CC (G)

By Editor,

How do I get more power out of my ‘94 Club Car gas?
T.R. from Indiana

Guru MarApr09ANSWER:

First you need to make sure there are not any car issues to start with.  Be sure to check compression, governor settings, full throttle, over charging, drive belt, drive clutch, driven clutch, engine alignment, brake drag and fuel system for foul gas or intake air leaks. Assuming all is well, we can then do the following to increase torque (power):


Set governed rpm’s to 3,000
Install power kit to the driven clutch
Install clutch tuning kit to drive clutch for higher engagement
Install torque gears (1994 should be Kawasaki)
Install limited slip to drive unit

I cannot get get my DE40 to run, it will do nothing? Batteries are good.
J.J. from West Virginia

Battery Pack

Battery Pack


Assuming your batteries are indeed good with a pack open circuit voltage of 38 volts or nominal 36 volts, we first must determine what the solenoids are doing.  Keep in mind this particular car (DE40) is wired differently than other systems. The solenoids are wired system negative in series through the B solenoid.  That means that an open anywhere in the B circuit will prevent all solenoids from activation.

Notice in this diagram that battery positive is applied to the forward solenoid power terminal.  From this terminal, battery positive is applied to the key switch.  By selecting either forward or reverse, positive is then applied to the appropriate solenoid.


For example, let’s say we have selected reverse.  Positive is then applied through the green wire to the reverse solenoid.  Positive now travels through the solenoid coil winding and out the white wire to the forward connection.  It will then continue on through the accelerator switch and to solenoid B.  Positive will then flow through the solenoid B coil windings and out to battery negative (black wire). 


Think of the solenoids being in series like a string of Christmas tree lights.  If the B solenoid is open, the other solenoids cannot activate.  If the accelerator switch is open, the solenoids cannot activate.  If the forward solenoid is open, reverse will activate when selected.  If the reverse solenoid is open, forward will activate when selected. 


This information will get you started, if you need further assistance let me know.



What is a speed chip?
E.W. from Minnesota




A speed chip is simply a jumper wire made for E-Z-GO Precision Drive Systems.  This is a red five gang Molex connector at J2 on the controller.  The wires jump out pin 2 to 3 and pin 1 to pin 5.  A gain of around 17 MPH is to be expected.  It is however, not advised to do this on lifted cars, as torque will be lost as a result.



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