ATG (MayJun09) - Wire Colors on Precedent (E) Harness

By Editor,


Please explain the wire colors on an electric Precedent 12 pin connector under the dash.

N.B. from New York



I get that question quite a bit. What confuses people is how the wire colors match up to the main headlight harness colors. They Do Not Match! This misconception tends to make things confusing. So to explain the colors and what they do, I have drawn you a pin out for the car half. This half is what connects to the headlight main harness and turn signal head.


However, most Precedent light kits are designed for plug and play. This alleviates the need for even needing to know the wire colors. Club Car Precedent models have a pre-existing dash to rear light harness.


The kit I designed for the Precedent models are #6441 premium electric, #6442 premium gas and economy versions #6195 electric and #6197 gas. I also added a few little extras to the kits such as a plug and play turn signal head (#6439) that has a horn button built in. Next, I added an extra 12 volt wire tap for the convenience of radio connection or other accessories. The next feature I added is a voltage converter plug and converter wiring adaptor (#6448). I also designed an electronic brake timer kit as well (6438). All of this added together makes it the most complete light kit on the market today. I hope this helps you understand the Precedent harness colors better.


Guru MayJun09 6198 timer

#6198 Electric Main Harness (12 Pin Connector) and #6183 Gas Main Harness (9 Pin Connector)

Guru MayJun09 6438 timer

#6438 Timer Kit

Guru MayJun09 6439 timer

#6439 Turn Signal Head

Guru MayJun09 12 pin

NOTE: this is showing the pin connections in-line and does not reflect the actual 12 pin connector.
This is for numbering and color doing information only.


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