ATG (MayJun15) - Golf Cart vs ATV

By Editor,

QUESTION: Why Should I buy a golf car and not an ATV for off-roading?

ANSWER: I advise people to determine how aggressive do they want to be.

What do you expect, and what is your budget. If you intend to be hard core and load it up and get crazy consider a gas car or ATV. If you intend to be conservative and build your own, consider a golf car. I can only advise you of what I have experienced. I am 63 years old and still love that outdoor off-road experience. However, I am totally convinced of the golf car aspect of it as I have lived it. I have enclosed several pictures of myself and others enjoying the outdoors. The pictures you see are actual off-road with electric golf cars with an ATV leading the way.

Notice I did choose the ATV so I could see inexperienced people try the golf car adventure. For the most part for a lot less money and the fun of building it the golf cars went everywhere the ATV went.

However, I did draw the line when I buried the ATV in a pit LOL. As I drained water from the engine the others kept on rolling. And not to knock an ATV in anyway, notice a golf car is pulling that ATV out of that pit. Again, if you expect a golf car to be an ATV it is not. But the fun is still there! We ran those electric golf cars in mud, water, mountainous terrain for three hours continuous duty. The only casualty was me drowning my ride. Electric golf cars are great for hunters and recreational activity. I have proven over and over that electric cars do work in the wild and off-road. It only gets better as we evolve into AC motors and controllers of 600 amps with higher voltages. Just determine how aggressive you wish to be.



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