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gcn-mayjun15-fcThe golf cart industry has changed a lot since United Commercial Upholstery (UCU) first started offering Suite Seats in 2006. In initial regional market testing, custom “bucket” seats were unheard of, and the custom golf cart seat industry was almost nonexistent; “custom” seating consisted of taking the uncomfortable OEM seating and stapling on two tone seat covers.

The test marketing was strong and UCU started offering Suites Seats nationally in 2007, riding the phenomenon of “tricked out” golf carts, creating the custom golf cart seat market. The original “Suite Seat” is a custom bucket style seat with outside and middle bolsters that give the seat a supportive contoured feel as compared to a flat bench seat. Suite Seats were the first major brand available for most models of carts and the customizers were drawn to it because of its style, comfort, custom colors, and embroidery options.

The “Touring Edition” was developed in 2010 after a direct request from a high volume Suite Seats dealer. UCU/Suite Seats top of the line seat, the “Touring Edition” is a Suite Seat with extended headrests, and armrests that fold up and down. This dealer indicated that the client base liked the original Suite Seat, but was frequently asked for seats with fold up armrests to take the place of the plastic factory hip restraints, creating a golf cart seat with easier entry and exit.

In 2012 UCU/Suite Seats started offering OEM style replacement seats and two color bench seats. Dealers were looking for an alternative source for OEM replacement seats in manufacturer’s colors and style for golf courses and retirement communities, as well as a two color bench seat to accent golf carts at a less expensive price point. It may seem like an about-face to create a product line that’s economy themed, (after producing a premium custom seat) but after listening to their dealers, UCU/Suite Seats realized that they could bring a “new twist” to the market. The “Legacy” line is styled the same as OEM seating, but manufactured using the same quality foam, vinyl, and wood used in Suite Seats and Touring Edition seats.  The Legacy line (OEM style) has a much more comfortable feel than the utilitarian style seating that comes as original equipment. UCU/Suite Seats elected to also offer a variety of covers available for repairing OEM seats. This allowed Suite Seat dealers to be able to combine their seat (OEM and custom) needs and receive them from a single supplier.

In addition to three distinct styles of front facing golf cart seats, Suite Seats makes seat sets for “rear facing” seat kits.  The rear sets are available in the Suite Seats or the OEM style/Legacy Line.

The Suite Seats line of seating is offered as original equipment by four major manufacturers, the two largest aftermarket golf cart warehouses, and over 600 golf cart dealers.  For more information please visit www.ucuinc.com.


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