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U.S. Battery Manufacturing Deep-Cycle batteries allow golf car owners and fleets significant money-saving advantages.  U.S. Battery Manufacturing’s 6-volt, 8 volt and 12-volt deep-cycle golf car batteries incorporate the company’s exclusive XC2™ formulation and Diamond Plate Technology®. This combination of extremely efficient synthetic tetrabasic lead sulfate crystal structures (TTBLS), allow U.S. Battery’s products to reach peak capacity in fewer cycles, to provide higher total energy delivery, and extended battery life.  “Our batteries with XC2™ formulation reach peak capacity in as little as 25 cycles. At the same time increasing rated capacity and extending the service life of the battery,” explains Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/Executive Vice President. “This gives golf car fleets and individual owners a longer-lasting, more efficient battery that saves time, money, and never leaves anyone stranded on the golf course.”
U.S. Battery Manufacturing’s exceptional battery performance was proven when a team of retired and off-duty U.S. Coast Guard members (Carting For A Cause), drove a golf car across the United States to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The golf car, powered by eight U.S. Battery Manufacturing US145 XC2™ batteries, averaged 25 miles per hour and 200 miles per day.  “With daily recharging, using Delta-Q, QuiQTM industrial battery chargers, the team had no problem completing their fund raising trip,” said Wallace.
U.S. Battery’s deep-cycle batteries are available in a variety of sizes and amp-hour capacity ratings. They also feature extra heavy-duty connector lugs and a tough polypropylene exterior case. The U. S. Battery brand also features its exclusive SpeedCap® positive locking vent system, designed for safe, clean hassle free maintenance. Visit
•    Highest initial capacity.
•    Fastest cycle up to full rated capacity.
•    Highest total energy delivered over the life of the battery.
•    Ultimate compatibility with the wide range of chargers used in the field.
•    High charge efficiency designed to meet the new California Energy Commission regulations for combined charger/battery charge    efficiency.

E-Z-GO introduces its redesigned Freedom TXT personal golf car, updating the model’s classic look and proven performance and offering a host of enhancements to make the vehicle even more fun for the family, whether it’s crossing the fairways of the golf course or traversing the neighborhood paths.
“In designing the new Freedom TXT, our goal was simply to make a personal vehicle that was a little more comfortable and a whole lot of fun,” said Eric Bondy, vice president, consumer business for E-Z-GO, a division of Textron Inc. “It’s built to put smiles on faces, whether Mom is using it to play 18 holes in the morning, or Dad is taking the kids to the community pool in the afternoon.”
The new Freedom TXT’s styling follows modern automotive design cues, giving the vehicle a sleek, contemporary appearance. Its front cowl and body panels are crafted from durable automotive-quality materials with an attractive, painted finish resistant to scratches and fading. The new front bumper withstands repeated 5-mph impacts, and the TXT’s steel-reinforced rear bumper is the strongest in the industry.
The Freedom TXT’s new sun top boasts a double-walled construction and an industry-first molded-in grab handle. The canopy is angled downward to eliminate standing water, and a 360-degree drip edge funnels water away from occupants, keeping riders dry.
Inside the vehicle, numerous enhancements make a ride in the Freedom TXT more comfortable and more fun. Upgraded seating provides better lower back support and more cushioning for a softer ride. The forward-neutral-reverse switch has been relocated to a central location along the bench seat’s centerline, placing controls at the driver’s fingertips for easier access and quick changes of direction.
The Freedom TXT’s dashboard has larger cupholders to hold bigger cups and water bottles, positioned in the center of the vehicle to keep them within arm’s reach. Dashboard storage pockets are also larger than before, and are placed higher in the dash compartment to better protect stored items from the elements.  The Freedom TXT’s dashboard can be equipped with an optional USB charger to power mobile phones and other small electronics.
The two-passenger model features an oversized bagwell to accommodate larger golf bags. The Freedom TXT is also available in a four-passenger model with a rear-facing seat that can carry up to two additional passengers.
The Freedom TXT is available in an electric model powered by a 48-volt DC drivetrain for silent, zero-emissions operation and the best energy efficiency of any DC-powered golf car available. For drivers who prefer a gas engine, the Freedom TXT’s gas-powered model sports a 13.5 hp, 401cc Kawasaki® engine with a hemispheric combustion chamber for optimal power and fuel efficiency.
The Freedom TXT is available now from your local E-Z-GO Authorized Dealer. For more information about the redesigned Freedom TXT, and to find your local dealer, visit

Crews battled a two-alarm fire at a golf cart sales and repair company in El Cajon Tuesday morning.
The non-injury fire at Cottonwood Electric Cart Service at 700 El Cajon Blvd. erupted around 4:45 a.m., according to a Heartland fire dispatcher. Crews declared the main part of the fire knocked down at 5:31 a.m., she said. The fire started in a small building then jumped to the two-story building, according to fire officials.
Traffic was blocked from traveling along El Cajon Boulevard during the morning commute. No one was injured and the cause is under investigation.

Yamaha Golf-Car Co. will introduce the Traveler™ 8V long-life battery from Trojan Battery Co. in its 2014 lines of electric fleet golf, personal transport and utility vehicles. Trojan’s Traveler 8V is a newly designed, deep-cycle battery which delivers more than 40 percent longer life than traditional 8-volt batteries on the market today.
“I am excited that Yamaha has once again teamed up with Trojan, the leading battery manufacturer in our industry, to offer the new Traveler 8V battery,” said Tom McDonald, president of Yamaha Golf-Car Co. “This 30,000 amp hour battery will now give us the opportunity to offer a solution to a golf course that has exceptionally high amp hour usage, without worrying about replacing batteries before their lease is up. Or as we like to say, ‘Don’t let your lease outlive your batteries!’ We look at this as partnering with our customers to give them options on lowering their total cost of operating their golf car fleet.”
The Traveler 8V design includes Trojan’s patent-pending Internal Battery Protection System which features thicker grids, membrane-wrapped plates, and Trojan’s exclusive T2 Technology™ with Maxguard® T2 multi-rib separators. To further extend overall battery life, Traveler 8V also incorporates a moss guard which insulates and protects the top of the battery plates, and features stronger case walls to increase durability. Enhancing battery maintenance, Traveler 8V is compatible with Trojan’s HydroLink™ single-point watering system that can quickly and easily fill a set of batteries in 30 seconds.
“Yamaha is the first industry-leading golf car manufacturer to recognize the technology benefits incorporated into the Traveler™ 8V, and what these benefits offer its fleet golf car and other electric vehicle customers,” said David Godber, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Trojan Battery. “Trojan Battery’s legacy of excellence in engineering and manufacturing innovation remains the cornerstone of our company’s success in the deep-cycle battery industry. After four years of extensive research and development, the Traveler 8V has been introduced as a truly break-through product. It features even more advanced deep-cycle battery technology and longer battery life than Trojan’s current industry-leading technology and cycle life performance. There is simply no comparable deep-cycle battery on the market today.”
For more information on Trojan Battery Company, visit  For Yamaha visit


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