ATG (MayJun14) - Oil Changes

By Editor,

Q: G.H. Writes: What is your recommendation of a generalized oil change? I would like some sort of hand out for my customers.

A: dirt! Over time dirt and sludge can build up inside the engine and one way to remove this unwanted substance is to change the oil! Before we begin let’s talk about safety. Please wear safety glasses and use the proper lifting equipment and jack stands to support the car. Dispose of the oil in an EPA approved manner. Most local oil change shops will take your old oil for disposal.

Begin by cleaning all areas that you will be working around such as the dip stick, drain plug and fill port. The three areas mentioned can allow dirt to fall inside the engine as you remove them and we do not want that. With the car raised high enough and supported with proper jack stands locate the oil drain plug and make sure you have a drain pan in place to catch the used oil. Some cars such as the TXT E-Z-GO brand uses a three bolt oil screen for oil removal. If you are not sure refer to your owner’s manual for the type you have and the location. Once the oil is drained clean the area and make sure the seals and or gaskets are in place and reinstall the hardware. We can now install new oil to the engine. Note: Club Car uses a spin on oil filter and should be changed at this time. Be sure to coat the new filter seal with oil before installing. Your owner’s manual will tell you the proper amount of oil for each brand of car. It is important that you DO NOT over fill the engine with oil! Wipe off any oil spills and double check all installation points for tightness and sealing. Test run the engine and look for any leaks and document the date and or hour meter reading so you will know when to change the oil again. A good rule of thumb is to change the oil every 200 to 250 hours of operation; depending on the conditions the car is used. Harsh conditions such as real dusty and off road require you to change the oil more often. The 4490 hour meter is a good device to install on your car for monitoring the hours of use. A 4624 is a mounting bracket for ease of installation.

The use of good 10W-40 oil with a SAE SF, SG, CC rating will work well. Since we are dealing with air cooled engines and if you are using your car in very hot climate straight weight 30 oil can be used. Oil usage is less with straight weight oils than the multi viscosity. Another good option is to use a good synthetic blend such as Valvoline Dura Blend. Brand of oil is your choice and in some cars that are new you must use the recomended viscosisty of the manufacturer to retain warranty.


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