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Battery Watering Technologies (BWT) is an independent manufacturer of precision molded parts located in Clemmons, North Carolina. Our products are produced in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA allowing us to supply the highest quality products on a global stage. We make watering valves that work and we guarantee that they will work by offering our five year full replacement warranty.

Because we are independent, we are able to run our business the way some may think is “old-fashioned”. We answer every phone call. Our customers are never put through a tortuous bout of frustrating voice mails and call transfers. Our employees treat our customers the way they are treated, with respect and courtesy. We invest in our employees just as we invest in our products through profit-sharing and bonus programs. Their willingness to help customers isn’t because they have to – it’s because they want to!

BWT began selling watering systems to the golf car market in 2002 when we discovered golf car owners were experiencing the same headaches as electric fork truck users. Filling the batteries faster and more safely with decreased exposure to acid and noxious fumes were the primary problems faced by both markets. For the golf car market, speed of installing the watering system on the batteries was important. We began offering fully assembled and partially assembled watering systems to make the installation quick and easy.

Our systems help reduce labor costs by decreasing the amount of time spent watering batteries. By attaching the watering system to a 2.5 gallon tank or direct fill link, the battery receives the right amount of water for each battery cell. Once the system is installed on the battery, the valves never have to be removed which removes the risk of battery acid and vapors from harming workers or spilling over to damage floors and equipment. The risk of under and overfilling batteries is eliminated.

What makes Battery Watering Technologies a great company to do business with doesn’t necessarily have to do with just technology. Although we provide the most innovative battery watering systems available on the market today, our employees, our services, and the range of products we offer differentiate us as the leader. Excellence in engineering, offering a quality product and providing unmatched service make Battery Watering Technologies the most trusted brand in the marketplace today.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in watering batteries. An optimist uses a BWT watering system.”

For more information, please visit www.batterywatering.com.


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