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Columbia ParCar Corp. announced the release of its all-new EagleTM, a pure electric personal transportation vehicle. The new design is available as a street-legal, Low Speed Vehicle that travels up to 25 mph (sometimes referred to as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) and a model for leisure and recreational use with a top speed of 19 mph.

The Eagle has taken its styling cues from the automotive world, which places the new model in vivid contrast to golf and leisure vehicles on the market today. Todd Sauey, Columbia’s President said “Yes, the look is amazing and definitely separates us from the crowd, but so does our world-class performance.” Columbia has always out-distanced the competitors in miles per charge, one of the most meaningful measurements when evaluating electric vehicles. This same level of performance remains at the heart of Columbia’s new Eagle.

The new model is the culmination of a long-term design and development program to provide a mode of clean and efficient transportation for those wishing to complete all of their community and leisure travel in one vehicle that is fun, practical and stylish. “While the styling of the Eagle is fresh and distinctive, drivers will be equally impressed with the room and comfort that our engineers have designed to blend with the most efficient drive system available” according to Scott Breckley, Columbia’s Chief Operating Officer.

Columbia’s new Eagle includes many features found in today’s automobiles, such as self-cancelling turn signals, in-column controls, adjustable bucket seats, complete head and taillight packages, independent suspension, three-point seat belts, an enclosed storage compartment and more. All of the features were incorporated at the onset of the design process, making them integral to the style and performance of the new model. Columbia took this distinctive approach in an industry where others start with a vehicle built for the fairway, adding parts and pieces to visually distinguish their vehicle from the same model being operated by the local golf course.

“Because our customers can choose from an almost unlimited number of paint colors, options, seating styles and fabric offerings, each Eagle will truly become a unique reflection of the individual owner. We have really emphasized the ‘personal’ in personal transportation,” Breckley added.

The Eagle is available now from Columbia’s network of authorized dealers throughout the United States and will soon be released to the international market as well. The location of authorized Columbia dealers, vehicle specifications and additional information about the Eagle can be found on Columbia’s website www.parcar.com


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