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STAR EV’s recipe for success has launched the Company past the other so called “mid-tier” golf car and electric vehicle players. Going into their 10th year of business, STAR EV, a brand of JH Global Services, Inc., is based in Greenville, South Carolina. STAR EV is a manufacturer, assembler and distributor of over 40 models of clean, green, all electric vehicles. These models cross several product segments including Golf & Recreation, Street Legal, People Movers, Off Road and, Commercial/Industrial.

A few years ago, STAR EV made major in-roads in the commercial and industrial segments. Offering several varieties of customizable medium and heavy duty burden carriers, the company has broad penetration in industries like Hotel/resorts, Airlines, Manufacturing facilities, Government Entities (GSA), State and Local City fleets along with many others.

The K-Series line (cover photo) features fully customized all aluminum application platforms. STAR EV uses CAD software to custom design the American make aluminum boxes. In addition, the K-Series line comes standard with rust resistant features including full chassis petroleum based rust proofing treatment, Aluminum wheels and treated metal on remaining areas of the car. The K-Series line comes with and without doors or all weather sunbrella enclosures.

In addition to STAR EV’s 40 models, JH Global Services, Inc. offers a line of STAR Golf Car Accessories for many models including STAR EV, Club Car, EZ GO and more. This line includes flip seats, tires & wheels, brush guards, light kits, mirrors, seat belts, utility boxes, windshields, stereos and more.

STAR EV offers points of difference that help set the company apart from many other EV manufacturers. Variety, value, customization and after sales service give STAR EV its’ sustainable reason for being. Their 104,000 Sq. Ft. headquarter facility, located in Greenville, SC includes two paint booths, commercial lifts, overhead cranes and fabrication equipment which enables the company to excel at all areas of customization.

The STAR EV management team strongly believes that business is not all about making money. It is about creating a legacy through dedicated people working towards the same goal to complete a mission.

For more information on Star EV and to see their complete product line, including personal use vehicles and accessories, please visit www.starev.com.


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