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By Editor,

In 2006 a British company opened its doors under the name Mini HUMMER Europe. Initially the business dealt in the marketing of many existing custom carts while also creating their own vehicles off existing chassis.

After a few good years trading, which saw them open many international dealers via their existing network, the company started to feel the need for change. Many of these exciting custom carts were suffering badly with reliability and general inconsistency of components/finish. It was time for a change. Having dealt with General Motors in a sub-licensee capacity, they now decided to work together on creating the ultimate licensed resort vehicle.

HUMMER™ had recently shelved their production, just before releasing the awesome HUMMER™ HX™ design, which, many believe would have propelled the brand to new heights. The British company, now re-branded My Electric Vehicle (MEV), worked closely with the HUMMER™ design team, headed up by Carl Zipfel, making sure no detail was left out.

From a quality perspective the vehicles are much easier to work on than some that we see on the current market. The design team took input from the engineers who serviced the existing custom carts and created a vehicle which is a delight to service. All the electronics are housed under a service panel in the rear and many of the components are fixed in place with threads embedded in the body/chassis, meaning much less need for a ‘nut and bolt’ fitting, so you won’t find yourself feeling about endlessly behind a dark out of sight body panel!

MEV built the vehicles for the USA as the number one priority, the country is clearly the leader in golf cart/resort transport. In the past 18 months the carts have entered many foreign countries (in restricted numbers), gathering data and instigating a number of improvements, finally ready to unleash on US soil.

MEV is proud to announce their Joint Venture Oreion Motors LLC. out of Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Kent Knox moved to New Mexico in1998 from California. He has been in the Custom Fabrication and Auto Collision Industry for 25 years.

One year after their successful launch of the Oreion Reeper, Oreion is now proudly introducing the line of HUMMER™ HX™, HXT™ and HX™-Limos. The Oreion team first displayed the HUMMER’s at the infamous PGA Show held last month in Orlando - the response was fantastic with many key dealer meetings taking place and the general pub-lic getting to cast their opinion having seen the HX™ in the flesh. “It was amazing to see the peoples reactions when they turned the corner and saw the HUMMER’s in the booth, we’re really excited for the years ahead, I don’t think any of us have been involved before in a product which puts a smile on the face of every person who sees it, from small children to elderly golfers!” commented Oreions Roseanne Knox. There are three models available, the most popular being the ‘topless’ version in the form of the HX-T™. The HX-T™ pro- vides the passengers with all the cooling benefits of a convertible; however the windshield ensures full protection from direct driving breeze. Importantly the HX-T has a waterproof canvas enclosure available on the options list. The enclosure has been designed by a leading Australian boating company to ensure the highest quality material, frame- work and roller door zippers.

The HX-T™ Limo is an extended version of the HX-T™, meaning you have four seats facing forward. The Limo also has the option of a roller door canvas enclosure.

Then there’s the HUMMER HX™, a fully enclosed radical look- ing design… The HX™ includes a felt lined roof, fully enclosed doors with opening windows and a rear trunk which extends on gas filled pistons.

All US vehicles come standard with Trojan™ Batteries, adjustable heated seats, HUMMER™ floor mats, Onboard Delta Q charging system, pop up lockable storage, 15” alloy HUMMER™ wheels, 3-point safety belts, upgraded controllers, single point battery filling systems, Pioneer CD/Radio/Aux players, side doors and the HUMMER™ spare wheel box with tire repair foam among many other features!

For those who like to customize their vehicles, they will find a broad range of optional accessories, from leather seats to DVD players and air conditioning… all models also come standard with4-way adjustable suspension, so a user can fix the set up to suit whichever terrain they favor - not to mention the adjustable steering column with a security lock.

Oreion Motors currently have a select number of HUMMER™ HX™ dealer opportunities, for those interested in gaining the launch edge in their market please feel free to contact the Dealer Set Up Team at Oreion Motors. It would be great to have you visit and discuss the opportunity. Contact us via email info@oreionmotors.com.


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