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The expiration of federal tax incentives in 2011 slowed LSV sales, including Club Car’s Villager LSV.

“So Club Car created a guide to help our dealers promote golf car cities to accelerate LSV, PTV and accessory sales,” says Mary A. Sicard, consumer marketing manager.

Making Markets
To get the wheels rolling, the guide helps dealers:
Understand community problems and how LSVs and PTVs can help solve them. These vehicles cut emissions, reduce traffic, slash transportation costs and limit the need for parking. Being a golf car city also distinguishes a community, fosters interaction and attracts retirees and other residents.
Become experts on the federal, state and local regulations for both classes of vehicles to counter confusion and educate consumers.
Introduce local law enforcement agencies to LSVs. Don Stocks, president of the Golf Cart Outlet, an Authorized Club Car Dealer in North Carolina, demonstrated a Villager LSV at local police departments and reviewed the laws surrounding them before he began selling them. “When people started seeing LSVs, they called the sheriff’s office, and we got hundreds of referrals from police officers,” Stocks says.
Zero in on gated and retirement communities, small towns, urban areas, resorts, military bases and college or medical campuses that are good targets for golf car cities. Observe traffic patterns, key destinations and problems in those areas that make LSVs attractive.

Start small, if needed. Once people see how practical and fun LSVs are, the concept of golf car cities spreads fast. The Villages in central Florida, the nation’s biggest golf car city, started from a mobile home park.
Be prepared to counter safety concerns regarding driver’s age and education, safety equipment, speed, enforcement, insurance and registration. These can be key obstacles.

Form a coalition with the police, local officials, economic development personnel, home owners’ associations (HOAs) and real estate developers. Attend city council and HOA meetings to stress the benefits of golf car cities.

Showcase LSVs in action at parades, community events and other venues.
To become an Authorized Club Car Dealer, visit www.clubcar.com.

About the Club Car Villager LSV
Club Car’s Villager LSV is built on the industry’s only lightweight, rustproof aluminum chassis that’s designed to be three times stronger than steel. It’s available with two or four seats and a wide range of accessories.


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