ATG (MarApr12) - Replacement Timers

QUESTION: TM from CAL Writes: I hear you talk a lot Part Number 30931 Auto-Timer can it be made to work on the car? DC Nevada

ANSWER: DC, this being a new product it takes time to finish completely. We have several reports of this unit working well on the charger itself. The 30930 36-volt version is a good alternative for 36-volt ferro-resonant chagers. So don’t forget there are two versions 36-volt and 48-volt.

I had so many requests for the 30931 to work on the car so I finally took the time to do that.

Procedure: Leave on-board computer where it is. Disconnect the main negative 48-volt negative twelve gauge lead wire going to the computer. Cut this wire close to the computer and move the wire to battery number six negative terminal or battery number four if you have a four 12-volt arrangment. Choose an area on the front of rear body leg area. Using supplied template mount the AT (auto-timer). Replace the key switch with a on-off-on double throw style switch. We found that part number 2690 works well by cutting dash hole large enough for mounting. Or you can use any kind of aftermarket switch that has the correct configuration. This works with key in the center position plug the charger in. Then turn key to left position and after a time delay the charger will begin. When complete the timer will shut off indication of a green light. Unplug charger turn key to full right the car is in run position and timer is disconnected.

Nothing else needs to be done to the computer as long as the car runs. If it does not run, we have by pass wiring for that as well. Below is the wiring configuration for the install.


TS (May/Jun12) - Lyte-Lock Battery Covers

By: Matt Vallez

As I am sure you are aware, electric golf cars are powered by rechargeable, lead acid batteries.  These batteries are still the most economical way to power an electric golf car. Although other technologies are available, most likely in anyone’s lifetime that is old enough to read this article the lead acid battery will still is the power source for golf cars. That is just the way it is.

These batteries are by far the most popular battery used to power golf cars are vented, wet cell, lead-acid batteries, sometimes called flooded or traction batteries.  Other options are also available; mainly AGM (absorbed glass mat) or gel batteries. The reason the vast majority of golf cars use wet cell batteries are the price.  AGM or gel batteries can be 2.5 to 3 times the price of a similar wet cell option.  The major golf cart manufacturers use wet cell batteries for most of their markets, although they generally provide AGM or gel cells as an option.  AGM and gel batteries are also known as ‘maintenance free’ batteries.  This is due to the fact that checking and maintaining water levels is unnecessary.  All three battery types do an excellent job delivering power and have similar run time capabilities.

So what is the down side of using the more economical wet cell batteries?  There are a couple of things to consider.  First, wet cell batteries require regular maintenance mostly in the form of maintaining the water level inside the battery.  Second, these batteries are vented for a reason.  During the charging cycle, hydrogen and oxygen gases are created and must be discharged into the atmosphere.  If not released, the battery case would rupture due to the increased pressure.  If you look, you can see the holes located on the vent caps.  Unfortunately, water containing sulfuric acid (battery acid) can also be released through these same holes if the water level is not maintained properly or if the battery is overcharged.

The result - The water/battery acid discharge will permanently damage most flooring.  This may not be an issue in a cart barn at your local golf course, but since your golf cart is most likely charged in your garage…well, see for yourself.   At this point, the concrete itself has been damaged, so cleaning it will not be an option.  Left unchecked, sulfuric acid has been known to eat completely through concrete exposing the dirt underneath.

The bottom line is these batteries have some bad side effects, poisonous gas and sulfuric acid over flow, to mention just two.   These are problems we have all just have had to live with to have the benefits of cheap battery power. Nivel has come across a new product that takes care of some of these issues and makes living with lead acid batteries a lot easier prospect.

Lyte Lock is an easy to install battery cover, new to the golf car industry that absorbs and neutralizes battery acid at the source.  Lyte-Lock covers are available to fit most 6v, 8v, and 12v vented, lead-acid batteries.  To install, simply remove the vent cap, place the appropriate fitted cover around the vent holes (label/white side facing up), and then replace the cap.  That’s it.  It is not necessary to remove the batteries or terminal cables.  Installation only takes a couple of minutes

The cover has an orange/yellow strip across the top which will change to red as its neutralizing potential diminishes.  The average life expectancy of the Lyte-Lock cover is 6 months to a year, but this can vary between the individual batteries.

How does it work?  Once acid drips on the Lyte-Lock cover either through the vent holes or from around the O-ring, it is absorbed into the glass matrix and distributed across the surface of the cover.  The chemical reaction that neutralizes the battery acid creates water, salt and carbon dioxide.  The carbon dioxide dissipates in the air, the water evaporates, and the salt is contained inside the Lyte-Lock cover.  Since battery acid that comes into contact with the terminals can also cause them to corrode, Lyte-Lock covers can minimize this issue as well.

Every couple of months, you should check the water level in your batteries.  Make sure to reference the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions and safety guidelines.  This is a good time to make note of the orange/yellow indicator strip on the cover.  Generally, each battery will vent at different rates, so you may notice that your set of Lyte-Lock covers will not all have the same amount of wear.  Once the strip changes to red, it is almost time to replace the covers.

When the time comes to replace your batteries, you will also notice a difference.  It is not uncommon for acid and corrosion to build up around the base of the batteries and on the battery racks.  Often, this corrosion has to be removed with a hammer and chisel in order to properly seat the new batteries.  This should no longer be an issue if you have been using Lyte-Lock.

Nivel now carries these little wonders that will make the side effects of owning lead acid batteries much easier to live with. Acid is a destructive but necessary force of nature, we all house some very destructive acid in our own stomachs. As long as the acid is contained and controlled it will not cause the damage we all have seen.  Find out for yourself and order a set, you will be glad you did.

Industry News - May/June 2012

Residents of states having communities permitting golf cars on the streets want a more custom, automobile-like fit and finish to their golf cars.

Gainesville, Florida custom homebuilder and low handicap golfer Paul Hirneise saw how to fulfill the need for a hard-body fully enclosed golf car cabin with modern features and the opportunity for personalization. His vision has given us the moderately priced First Class Cabin, made in Alachua County, Florida and marketed by his company, Sleekline, LLC.

With front top and bottom air dams inside and out, a rear interior air dam, sliding rear window and great finish, Hirneise claims the occupant of a First Class Cabin may well believe she is in an automobile. Being a golfer, Hirneise designed bi-fold doors that allow even the biggest of us easy entry into the cabin and easy rear access to clubs, sand bottle and club & ball washer.

Sleekline offers custom options, including décor panels and fender flares that can be painted to match the owner’s car or display a team logo, side-view mirrors and a SoundCom Panel encouraging use of GPS-enabled device applications for golf. Hirneise says that other options are being developed.

Sleekline’s First Class Cabin is presently available for the Club Car DS and Precedent. Models for Yamaha and other golf cars will soon follow. Learn more at

Lithium Boost Technologies, Inc., the leading innovator of lithium technology for low speed electric vehicles has released its first production of Lithium Batteries with their patented Battery Management Systems after two years of research and development in the US market this January 2012.

On January 18th, 2012 our CEO, Sam Lev; VP of Sales, Roger Manusav; and Chief Engineer, John Wade were on hand for the grand opening of Classi Golf Cars in Sun Lakes, Arizona, to unveil a fleet of Lithium powered golf cars. John White, owner of Classi Golf Cars and a key champion of Lithium Boost had this to say about our product:

“I have been testing and promoting lithium powered golf cars for over two years, and am firmly convinced that we are on the cutting edge with the latest technical advances by Lithium Boost Technologies. I have generated a lot of interest in my three Arizona locations, and am sure this product will soon be the norm in golf cars, both new and used. My personal golf cars is a Star lithium, and I will never have to worry about buying another set of batteries.”

Our battery and management system is powerful, durable, and ecologically friendly. CEO Sam Lev, who has spent the majority of his career developing green energy technology for automobiles states that, “By replacing the 100 year old lead acid technology with the same advanced clean energy technology from the automotive industry, you will enjoy a virtually maintenance free battery system.”

We at Lithium Boost Technologies are very excited to be the first company to offer this revolutionary technology to the low speed electric vehicle community. This is a great opportunity for dealers to have the latest product to offer their clients.

To learn more about our products please visit our website:

The Pro-Fill Onboard Battery Watering System by Flow-Rite will now come standard on all Club Car Precedent golf cars.  Pro-Fill replaces the water lost in golf car batteries due to evaporation during charging and daily use.  Pro-Fill is the only battery watering system specifically designed for “golf car” style batteries.

“We’re pleased to add the Pro-Fill system to Precedent’s standard offerings to enhance efficiency and safety for our customers,” said Tim Walls, Golf Category Manager at Club Car, a brand of Ingersoll Rand.  “Pro-Fill is one more way that Club Car helps customers reduce costs and manage their fleets more effectively.”

The Pro-Fill system works by replacing the battery’s existing vent caps with valves that are interconnected with tubing, allowing the user to fill all battery cells from one remote location. Each valve independently shuts off water flow to the cell when the proper electrolyte level is reached.

“Thorough testing is performed on all Pro-Fill valves to ensure the high quality expected by Club Car customers,” said Rob Brock, Global Sales Director of Flow-Rite Controls.  “We are honored to be selected as the watering system of choice by the golf car industry leader and look forward to our continued relationship with Club Car.”

For more information, visit or


Jason Stella, managing partner of B&B Preferred Custom Body Systems takes pride in his products. “We offer the most complete and easy to install custom body systems—for the big three companies in the industry currently on the market today. All our front cowls and body systems are pre-fitted at the factory and include detailed installation instructions, all hardware/lights, and wiring schematics with all shipments. We also meticulously catalog and number all of our designs immediately following production resulting in the highest level of quality control in the industry,” says Stella.

New designs for 2012 include 3 new front cowls to fit the Club Car and EZ-Go platforms. Customers can expect the company to support its new product offerings with a full-color catalog, an updated website featuring virtual tours of all it’s products and also an image bank of photos to aid in customer sales efforts. “Our goal with the new website and image bank to is to assist our dealers with the promotion and marketing of their custom designs” Stella offers.

In addition, B&B is now offering custom seats and is also partnered with the Cool Breeze AC/Heater/Stereo custom canopies in response to customer demand. Stella continues, “The seats and Cool Breeze systems have been very popular for us and we are proud to incorporate these products at prices that significantly add to our customer’s profit margin on their custom vehicle sales.” The re-designed B&B website will include upholstery samples for the custom seats and also a new shopping cart feature for convenient dealer ordering.

B&B Preferred has been offering custom body solutions for all makes and models since 2004. All bodies are constructed of hand-laid fiberglass. As the industry leader in custom body systems, B&B continues to maintain the highest standards in production of all their custom designs.

Look for the launch of the new website sometime in April,


What does the market need?  A base model vehicle that is affordable yet dependable!  “Dealers across the country have expressed a need for a qualify golf car priced right.  In order to meet the need we have taken off some of the upgrades found in our earlier models to meet the challenge,” says Keith Andrews, President of Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC

The 2 Person Model includes golf package and canopy top with a 48 volt D&D Motor, Curtis Controller and Delta-Q Charger.  US Battery packs are an option, allowing the dealer to select from 6×8 Volt or 8×6 Volts from the factory or installing the brand of their choice.  The Delta-Q charger is easily programmable to the most popular battery brands.

Like the other quality vehicles offered by Evergreen Electric Vehicles, they are fully assembled here in the United States. A Colorado company headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado, with their production facility conveniently located near the port of Long Beach in Southern California,   a perfect location for receiving a variety of assembly parts and loading containers for export.

To learn more about the full line of Evergreen Electric Vehicles, visit

A Glen Allen golf car distributor has cruised down Interstate 64 to Hampton Roads to open its second location in Virginia.

Peebles Golf Cars this week opened a dealership in Chesapeake, cutting down the transportation time to Hampton Roads and opening up a bigger direct-to-consumer golf cart market.

“We have several golf courses on the other side of those tunnels and when we do deals there we move the cars from Richmond to Virginia Beach or Chesapeake so we won’t have to bring the used cars back,” said Bert Zajac, manager for Peebles.

Peebles leases carts to golf courses for several years and then sells them to wholesalers and individual buyers. The business works with 140 courses in Virginia, 18 of which are in Hampton Roads and a few local courses such as the Country Club of Virginia, Hermitage Country Club and Kinloch Golf Course.

Zajac said Peebles has been eyeing Chesapeake for two years. “(In Richmond) We’re south of Virginia Center Commons, so we’re not getting all of the traffic that the West End and Short Pump gets,” he said.  “We will be able to sell to new customers in Chesapeake.”

Zajac said Peebles sold 1,200 carts last year to other used cart vendors in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and a few in Richmond. The business also sold 350 carts direct to local customers, who used them for puttering around their homes/farms or for recreational use.

“We’re basically trying to cut out wholesalers to retail more cars and make more money,” he said. “What we want to do is get the retail numbers up and we’re doing that by moving out here.” The business sells Club Cars-brand carts that range from $1,000 to $4,500. Zajac said customers are moving to electric carts.

Peebles also rents golf carts to individuals and companies for $150 per weekend. “Churches, schools and people that are having weddings rent them out,” he said. “I have over 250 cars in rental and from July to September I’m out of vehicles.”

Zajac said rentals will do much better at the Chesapeake location then in Richmond. “There are a lot more festivals and events that we don’t have that they have here,” he said. “The beach cities are much more open to the use of golf cars than Richmond.” Peebles hired four employees to staff the new location, which increased its total staff to 16.

CS (MayJun12) - Suite Seats

United Commercial Upholstery (UCU) introduced their newest addition to their wildly popular Suite Seats line of custom golf cart seats called the Touring Edition at the recent PGA show.  According to Stan Stenten with Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories the dealers really liked what they saw.  Says Stan “the Touring Edition seats were very well received and the feedback we got was they were priced right”.  “We’ve carried UCU’s Suite Seats and related accessories for four years now and given their exceptional customer service I wasn’t surprised by the reception the new Touring Edition seats received.”

The new Touring Edition version of Suite Seats continues with the simple elegance of the original Suite Seats but also features a swing-up upholstered arm rest and headrest.  “They are also a little bit wider” notes Chris Vorwerk, chief engineer and Co-founder of UCU.  According to Chris “Our dealers have been asking for these upgrades so we weren’t surprised by the feedback we received at the PGA show but it still feels good.  “We have always put a lot of stock into the feedback we get from dealers.  For example many of our competitor’s seats interfere with enclosures so our dealers asked us to engineer our larger seat with arm rests so that it doesn’t require a special order enclosure or complicated, time consuming modifications.”

Phil Vorwerk, President and Co-founder, is quick to point out a couple of things as well.  “We basically created the custom golf cart seat market seven years ago and our seats feature a level of quality that can only come from years of feedback” so he agrees that his dealers deserve a lot of the credit…”They are our eyes & ears in the marketplace so we have always listened carefully to what they have to say.  We put a lot of value in building solid, long term relationships with our dealers. Suite Seats has become a supplier to a couple of OEM’s…specifically Evergreen Electric Vehicles (formally Fairplay Electric Cars) & Star Electric Vehicles.  “Doing business with them has really helped us” say Phil. “An OEM comes to us with very strict requirements in the areas of quality control, ease of install, competitive pricing & tight timelines and there is no question we do things better because of our relationship with these OEM’s.”

In addition to the arm & head rests and wider seat there is another benefit to the Touring Edition.  “The dealers asked that we make them to have a softer feel right out of the box so we added an extra layer of softer foam on the top…and we are very pleased to announce we will be making that change to the traditional Suites Seats in the near future as well.”  Says Chris “again this is what the dealers asked for so we figured out a way to do it without increasing the price or sacrificing quality.  I guess the message is that our Suite Seats are always evolving and we will never stop making improvements to them.”

The Touring Edition seats are available in the same vinyl colors and Sunbrella Plush fabric choices as the traditional Suite Seats as well as unlimited custom colors and embroidery options and they are available to fit virtually every cart out there.

For more information or to become a dealer please visit our website at

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