TS (JulAug08) - Battery Discharge

By: Matt Vallez

This article originally appeared in the 2002 May / June issue of Golf Car News Magazine. 


The correct discharging interval, or “cycle,” for a set of deep cycle batteries is today’s topic and one of much misunderstanding. Deep cycle batteries used in golf cars will last anywhere from two to six years depending upon many factors. One of the most important being how far down they are discharged before being recharged, also known as cycled. The other main factors are temperature, load and charging rate. For efficiency sake we will assume that all the aforementioned variables are constant. So let’s focus on the charging cycle.


Battery capacity is the usable electrical energy stored in a battery. The manufacturer’s rated capacity is given for 100% discharge of the battery. However, the actual usable capacity is only 80% of the manufactures rated capacity. That capacity as stated in ampere-hours, would mean a battery rated at 1200 ampere-hours would actually have a 960 ampere-hour usable capacity. That is if battery life is of any concern.  Another limitation as to how deeply a battery can be discharged is today’s automatic chargers. They require a 70% nominal voltage rating to start the charging cycle. For both battery life and practical reasons 80% is considered the maximum that a battery pack should be discharged or cycled.


Now that we have our maximum lets find a minimum. Battery life is related to how deep the battery is cycled each time. If a battery is discharged to 50% between charges, it will last about twice as long as if cycled to 80% of capacity. If cycled only 10%, it will last about 5 times as long as one cycled to 50% capacity. The limits on how far the batteries are cycled will have a lot to do with application. A round of golf in most golf cars will use somewhere between 25% and 40% of capacity. It would be impractical to change the batteries after nine holes to prolong the life of the battery by not discharging below a certain point. Also a battery that is continually cycled to 5% of capacity or less will have a shorter life than one cycled to 10% of capacity. That’s because with a very short cycle, the lead dioxide tends to build up in clumps on the positive plates rather than in an even film. A minimum is dictated more by practicality than anything else. It would be an ideal number at any rate. We will use 25% as our minimum.


We have a minimum of 25% capacity and a maximum of 80% capacity. Those are the upper and lower limits that we would like to discharge batteries before we charge them. That would make our average discharge 50% of capacity. This is the optimum or target amount that you want to discharge before charging. This is not to say that you can’t run them down to 80% capacity when needed. Or charge them at only 25% capacity because you know you will need a full charge the next day. If you follow this formula you will not overcharge, short cycle, or cause low voltage damage to your batteries.


In order to be able to even get anywhere even close to the 50% capacity goal on a regular basis, you will need to have a state-of-charge meter on the golf car. I consider it the most important tool for maintaining your batteries. This advice is from many sources and may not be the same given in the OEM service manual, or seen in other reliable sources. Check with your battery supplier if you are looking for more information on the correlation between battery lifespan and cycles.

Industry News - July/August 2008


Byron Center, MI - June 4, 2008
Just two and a half years after doubling in size and moving into a newly constructed building, Flow-Rite Controls is once again proving that manufacturing is still alive in Michigan.  Today they broke ground on their newest addition which will nearly triple the size of their manufacturing facility and should be complete by the end of the year.  


“Growth is not new to us.  We’ve been averaging 20% year over year growth since 2002” says company president Dan Campau.  “Growing at that rate isn’t always easy, but is sure is fun.  We’ve been able to add 10 full time production workers, 20 temporary production workers as well as 6 more to our engineering, and sales staff in recent months.”



Flow-Rite has shown that thinking globally, growing locally is not a thing of the past.  Last year was the first for a new sales office in Australia and they have seen continual growth into Japan, Canada, and Europe as well as here in the states.  Flow-Rite has again made a commitment to grow the production of their products locally.  “Keeping the production in house allows us to keep tight reigns on the quality of our products as well as allowing us to react to customer needs quickly.  Since we produce everything in house we can keep inventory and associated costs low” says operation manager Mike Semm. 


Early next year Flow-Rite will release three new products that have added to the need for expansion.  Square footage is quickly becoming scarce in the current facility and is needed to house machinery that will produce the new products and for growth of the existing ones.  With the expansion of their building Flow-Rite is showing that their “Made in the USA” label is not just a logo but the way they will continue to do business.


For more information please contact, Ron Earl – Marketing Director at rearl@Flow-Rite.com or visit www.flow-rite.com.



Advanced Charger Series Offers Cutting-Edge Technology to Commercial and Industrial Markets

Portsmouth, N.H. – On Board Solutions, a privately held charging systems Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and sister-corporation to the marine industry’s leading charging system manufacturer — ProMariner, announced today a new line of multi-stage commercial and industrial grade battery chargers, the ProTech-C Series. Designed for integration into commercial and outdoor products such as scissor lifts, cleaning machines, mobility vehicles and golf carts just to name a few, the ProTech-C Series battery chargers are built to withstand the abuse and punishment common to these demanding applications, while efficiently delivering power charging and conditioning to OEM battery sources. The ProTech-C Series is compatible with all major battery types – Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Gel and Lead Acid, and is designed for use in 24- and 36-Volt DC applications. With flexible charging capabilities, wide power capacities and rugged construction, the ProTech-C Series battery chargers are the ideal choice for OEMs who want the best performance for their products.

ProTech-C Series battery chargers use high-frequency, solid-state technology, powerful charging and conditioning algorithms and innovative design methods to maximize installation flexibility and deliver superior charging performance. Available in five models to suit different charging requirements, each rugged, high frequency charger, is housed in a protective, compact extruded aluminum casing and has global AC inputs for worldwide use. On Board Solutions’ ProTech-C chargers are easy to integrate, and radically simplify OEM inventory and design considerations by using connectors on the input/output, and allowing the same unit to switch between portable and onboard applications. On Board Solutions studies each battery manufacturer’s specific charge requirements and ensures OEM customers’ ongoing satisfaction by continually improving charging methods under various scenarios.

“ProTech-C battery chargers are an innovative new wave of products reflective of commercial and industrial customer input,” said Michael Chames, director of new business development, On Board Solutions. “Rising metal prices, outdated performance criteria and shear weight make older ferro-resonant chargers undesirable. Our ProTech-C Series combines a compact, lightweight, solid-state design, and advanced charging and conditioning algorithms into a package that is certified for worldwide use. It is the most competitive, customer-driven solution of its kind on the market today and a natural extension of our existing product line.”

For more information on the ProTech-C Series battery chargers, the location of authorized distributors, pricing, or to learn more about On Board Solutions and its entire product line, please visit www.onboardsolutions.biz.

SEE “HOW IT’S MADE” AT ididit!
That’s right, steering columns from ididit, inc. will be featured on the popular T.V. show “How it’s Made”! Filming took place for over twelve hours on May 23rd and the show will air this summer on the Discovery Channel. The film crew followed a steering column from raw material to finished product in great detail. We were thrilled to be offered the opportunity to show off our quality American made product to the masses and can’t wait to see the finished production. We will announce the air date on our website at www.ididitinc.com when the producers finalize the date.



AUGUSTA, GA – Club Car’s celebration of its 50th anniversary includes sponsorship of Augusta’s first American Junior Golf Association event and the company’s pledge to support junior golf programs in its hometown.


Preceding the Club Car Junior hosted by Charles Howell III, which will be held at Champions Retreat in Evans, Club Car and the AJGA will conduct a junior-am fundraising tournament on July 7. Proceeds from the event, which is similar to a PGA TOUR Pro-Am, will benefit The First Tee of Augusta and other Augusta-area youth golf programs as well as the AJGA’s Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) Grant


Over the past decade, AJGA junior-ams have raised more than $1 million for junior programs in communities across the U.S. Club Car Chairman Phil Tralies said junior golf was a natural beneficiary to help the company recognize its 50th anniversary milestone.


“The golf industry has been good to our company, and we’re honored to give back to the game and our community,” said Tralies. “We believe golf can be a catalyst for great things in a young person’s life, and we’re excited to help The First Tee and other local golf programs bring youngsters to the game.” For more information, go to www.ingersollrand.com.


Ididit WRAPS IT!

You won’t miss us rolling down the road with our new cool trailer. It has a giant design that includes our beautiful art deco store front, owner Ken Callison’s hot 1965 F-100 Truck and 1937 Chevy Sedan, and of course, steering columns! “Sign Language” of Adrian, MI did a fantastic job wrapping it and we have gotten rave reviews! We have even been asked if the trailer could be used as an attractive aisle divider at the Louisville Nationals. It is definitely a work of art. If you see the ididit trailer on the road this year, give a honk and a wave to your steering column specialists! Visit us online at www.ididitinc.com to view more cool new pictures of the trailer wrap and other great things that ididit is up to!


The Golf Industry Show received the No. 82 ranking from Tradeshow Week 200 for its strong performance in Anaheim, Calif., February 2007.

Tradeshow Week compiles data submitted from trade shows and ranks the 200 largest annual trade shows in the United States. Rank is determined by net square feet of paid exhibit space. Show listings include: net square feet, number of exhibiting companies, number of professional attendees, number of exhibiting personnel, space rates and location. The ranking covers the 2007 calendar year only.

The Golf Industry Show is presented by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) and Club Managers Association of America (CMAA), along with supporting organizations Golf Course Builders Association of America (GCBAA), American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) and the National Golf Foundation (NGF).

The total attendance was 23,109, including 981 exhibitors covering 291,250 square feet of exhibit space. Officials were pleased with the final statistics and reviews, given that the West Coast traditionally attracts fewer attendees and exhibitors.

Sponsoring organizations had the following comment: “This is validation of what was a very successful show. Although the inaugural show was in 2005 in Orlando, the 2007 show in Anaheim was the first of the current form, since it was the first year with CMAA participating. The 2007 show also provided momentum heading into the record-setting 2008 show in Orlando.”

The 2009 Golf Industry Show will be held Feb. 5-7 in New Orleans. Visit www.golfindustryshow.com.



For 2006 and 2007 two years in the row, JH Global Services, Inc. has been on the top of the chart for Fastest Growing Company of the year in State of South Carolina. Not only SC noticed a rising STAR, the industry of Golf cars, electric vehicles also start taking notice of this fast growing company for only 4 years of age.


JH Global Services, Inc. is an America company, it is owned by three owners: Jane Zhang and Jun Hu, who are a couple immigrated from China almost twenty years ago as Graduate students, Bob Weist, who has been an entrepreneur for his whole life, been one of the owners for a few successful business specializing in fabrications of machining industrial parts.  The company is formed at end of 2003 by Jane Zhang and Jun Hu with a simple idea of providing industrial outsourcing services. By an occasional opportunity, they concluded that Golf cars, or battery powered electrical vehicles could be a good product for America because market is huge, and it is pretty dominated by the big three companies: EZ-Go, Club Car, and Yamaha.  The industry needs some new comers and more competitions.  So, with this in mind, the STAR brand name is given its birth by JH Global Services.

The three owners wish this STAR rising up to be noticed and become a bigger player in the industry. The STAR also represents the Chinese’s couple’s American dream as a newly emigrate coming from a country that is so different from America. The couple started their life in America with almost nothing materials, but almost everything spirituals.

They have the good education background (Jane Zhang has three Master Degrees: mechanical, electrical and MBA; Jun Hu has a Doctor degree in Electrical Engineering), excellent hard working ethics, a determination for big success in life, a sense of responsibility for society, community and loved ones to be a row model, true example for others to follow as smart, decent human beings with drive for big success. Yes, it is a big American dream for the first generation of immigrates coming to USA, barely speak the language, nor understanding the cultures, political and government structures. Everything is new and everything is a challenge. However, it seems that Dream finally come true for them not only successfully survived in American society, corporate world, but finally owned a business, even more so for the business to take off so well in just a few years.


STAR Electric Vehicles have been recognized by dealers in the industry with good reputation in product quality and product services. Just as the slogan says: Exceptional value and Great Products, the STAR products have so many features as a standard offering, so many models for different applications. The STAR Electric Vehicle offers 7 colors, seatbelts, side mirrors, split windshields as standard choices.   For the 4-Passenger to 6 passengers, it has the aluminum plated flip seats on the back as multi-functional. The most worth to be mentioned here is its patented design called “2 in 1 Combo Seat”, which offers function with golf bag holder and the seat for converting a 2-passenger car to a 4 passenger vehicle when the car owner does not need to play Golf. This design is so welcomed by dealers and recognized by end customers and it is an immediate hit of success as soon as it is introduced. Jun Hu and Bob Weist are the patent holders.


Beside the regular 2 to 6 passenger models, STAR also offers 8 to 14 passenger buses, industrial vehicles and also hunting vehicles. The sales of the multi-passenger buses are rising dramatically and alone it will add a big grow point for JH Global. The buses have 4 gear transmissions that is giving plenty power to haul people around at locations of hotel, resort, development sites, air port, down town city, etc. The potential for these buses are beyond any one’s imagination. 

CS (JulAug09) - Battery Source


How many times have you asked yourself, “Where can I get a battery for the lawnmover, the motorcycle, my camcorder?”  What about the ATV, the Jet Ski, those kids riding toys?  When you need a wheel chair battery or home security battery, where do you go?  With every battery you can imagine under one roof, Battery Source is the super store that has evolved over the years to be the one-stop shop for any and all battery needs. 


We can name every kind of battery in the store, but that would take forever.  So here’s a taste of items The Battery Source supplies power to…the car, the cell phone, the cordless phone. What about the lap top computer or the car remote?  Battery Source has every camcorder battery ever made in stock.  If dad’s cordless drill or game feeder is out of juice, it’s all at one location…The Battery Source.


Looking for alkaline batteries?  They have them in bulk prices that you won’t believe.  Battery Source can even build you a custom ni-cad battery pack on-site for your specialty electronic equipment that is so hard to find.


Battery Source is the number one place to go for batteries, but are you familiar with E-Z-GO golf cars?  Battery Source is also an authorized Prestige E-Z-GO dealer, offering new and used golf cars to the general public.  The Glass family started selling golf cars in 1994.  This was a good fit for the Battery Source stores. 


Battery Source started selling the E-Z-GO ST line when they first were introduced in 1995.  Golf car sales for Battery Source have grown well in the last 13 years.


Battery Source has evolved over the years from Ray Glass Batteries, which is still a wholesale division of the company.  Ray started the business in 1958 with a single wholesale route out of Thomasville, Georgia.  Between the late seventies and early eighties, Ray’s sons got involved and have added routs to cover South Georgia, North Florida and Alabama. 


In 1989, the retail division of Battery Source was added when the Glass Family realized there was a need for small, specialty type batteries that was not being met by other retail locations.  The electronics stores and cellular stores were selling camcorders and phones, but keeping a limited number of batteries in stock for new models and very few batteries, if any, for last year’s models.


Battery Source offers free twelve-minute installation on most models of automotive batteries. Battery Source offers a full line of automotive, marine, commercial and golf car batteries. 


Battery Source has 11 retail locations throughout Georgia, Florida and Alabama with it’s home office in Thomasville, Georgia. 


After all of these years, the company is still family owned and operated by Ray Glass, who serves as president of the corporation.  His wife, Vivien serves as secretary/treasurer.  Bobby Glass is Vice President of wholesale routes.  Robby Glass, vice president in charge of retail sales, and Kevin Glass is Vice President in charge of operations.

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