TS (NovDec07) - DC Motors

By: Matt Vallez

This month, let’s do some comparing; I am sure all of you have heard the phrase; “let’s compare apples to apples” well it sounds good and everybody uses this analogy to compare whatever it is they happen to be selling at the time. This month I will attempt to demystify the hocus-pocus around electric motors and controllers so we can compare the different brands. I will get us to a point where we are focusing on the real working attributes, not just the rating attributes, or marketing attributes of one electric DC motor manufacture to another, and one controller manufacture to another. Simply stated we will be comparing apples to apples.


DC electric motors can be rated in different ways. The NEMA or the National Electrical Manufactures Association has established the standards for ratings of DC motors performed at test intervals of 2 minutes, 5 minutes and one hour. The one-hour rating is also considered the “continuous current rating” Then there is the peak ratting, this is a marketing rating only, designed to allow for tagging the motor with the higest horsepower possible. Imagine the peak rating as the maxim RPMs a new car engine is capable of hitting, say 6,000 RPMs. Above the 6,000 mark on the tachometer the numbers are all red because the engine of this new car is not designed to go that fast. So 6,000 RPMs are the peak. You would not operate that new car at 6,000 RPMs while driving around town. Now think of the continuous rating as the RPMs of the engine under normal driving conditions. The engine, of a new car will operate at between 1,500 and 2,5000 RPMs during normal driving conditions, this is equal to the “continuous current rating”. Now that we have a simple, understandable analogy to use for peak vs. continuous lets apply this in a practical way to rating our electric DC motors.


Motors are rated differently depending on the manufacturer. Some manufactures use peak horsepower, which is their own marketing rating scale. As an example; a motor with a peak rating of 11-horsepower, the same motor will have a “continuous current rating” or one hour rating of 4 horsepower. With DC electric motors the rating that will allow us to compare apples to apples is the “continuous current rating”. The “continuous current rating” is at what horse power the motor can continue to run. That is most similar to the RPMs from the new car example we used above, at what RPMs the new car will operate at under normal driving conditions, not what the engine is capable of. GE motors in the Nivel catalog are all rated with a voltage, horse power and then @ a certain RPM. This is a “continuous current rating” the horse power given is something that is sustainable for one hour or continuous. Other manufactures may use different marketing methods to rate their motor products. Some are using much higher horsepower claims. These claims are based on peak performance, not a “continuous current rating”, thus not allowing a true apple to apples comparison using just the horse power numbers provided.


Solid state speed controllers are a little different with their own set of rating stats. There is the momentary also known as the peak, 30 second, 1 minute, 90 second, the 2 minute, and the 60 minute also known as the continuous. Most of the OEM manufactures use the two minute rating of their controllers for their marketing. This is done because the 2-minute rating is beyond what would normally be required of the controller, whereas the momentary rating is maximum the controller will put out for a short amount of time, less than 30 seconds. The 2-minute rating is what Curtis, GE and Alltrax use to rate their controllers. When Alltrax states that their AXE4865 is a 650-amp controller, which means it is rated for two minutes at approximately 650 amps. This number is approximate and is usually rounded up to an even number close to the 2-minute actual. In the case of controllers the 2-minute rating is what you want to use so you are comparing apples to apples. Some controller manufactures, just like some motor manufacturers that are out there, want to give themselves an edge. One way is to use their peak rating as the specified numbers they do their marketing with. This makes it more difficult to compare these controllers with other controller manufacturers.


The bottom line on this topic is be careful, do not believe all the stats from someone’s marketing literature. Make sure you get the “continuous current rating” when comparing DC electric motors and the “2-minute rating” when comparing controller manufactures s. By getting the real numbers, you will tell be able to know exactly what you are getting. You will then be able to make an informed decision comparing apples to apples.

Industry News - November/December 2007


Boston, MA – October 18, 2007 – Audax Group announced it has completed the acquisition of Nivel Holdings, LLC “Nivel”). Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Nivel is one of North America’s largest independent, value-added distributors of golf car aftermarket parts and accessories. Nivel supplies dealers worldwide with over 3,800 SKUs across 13 product categories, with 95% of orders shipped for same day delivery. William Bugg, Chief Executive Officer of Nivel, will continue to lead the management team.


Geoffrey S. Rehnert, Co-CEO of Audax Group, said “Nivel is a leading independent distributor in the growing and fragmented golf cart parts and accessories aftermarket. We look forward to working with Bill Bugg and his team to continue to build Nivel’s position as a national Distributor through product introductions and strategic add-on acquisitions.”


William Bugg, Chief Executive Officer of Nivel, said, We are excited to have Audax group as our new partner. Their distribution experience coupled with their success sourcing and integrating add-on acquisitions will be a key resource for us as we expand our business domestically and abroad in this fragmented industry.”


Kirkland & Ellis LLP advised Audax Group, Harris Williams & Co. advised Nivel. American Capital Corporation, Ltd. provided debt financing.


About Audax Group: Audax Group, founded in 1999, is a leading investor in middle market companies. With offices in Boston and New York, Audax manages in excess of $3.7 billion of equity, mezzanine debt, and senior loan capital.


For more information visit the Audax Group website www.audaxgroup.com. Contact: Geoffrey S. Rehnert – Co-CEO, Audax Group (617) 859-1503.



October 5, 2007 - Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries, today announced that it has appointed Elke Hirschman as Vice President of Marketing.  Leveraging nearly 15 years of product, marketing strategy, branding and customer marketing experience, Hirschman will oversee all domestic and international marketing efforts for Trojan Battery.


Hirschman joins Trojan Battery from Quantum Corporation, a global supplier of data storage solutions, where she served as Director of Marketing. In this position, she oversaw a 10-person global team, managed a multimillion-dollar annual budget and was responsible for marketing communications, product introduction, advertising, branding, web and business development marketing.


“Elke’s proven expertise in product management, branding and customer marketing will help further strengthen Trojan Battery’s market position and enhance our efforts in driving innovation in our industry,” said David Godber, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Trojan Battery.


“With Trojan’s continuous investments, such as our new state-of-art manufacturing facility in Sandersville, Georgia, we look forward to Elke’s marketing contributions driving additional business growth.”


Hirschman holds an MBA from the Pepperdine University and a BS in Marketing from the University of Southern California. 


For Media inquiries please contact: Kari Weinberger, Marketing Communications at 562-236-3038 or kweinberger@trojanbattery.com.



Pride Golf Cars, as wholesale brokerage company specializing in the sale of all makes of top-quality used golf cars, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in the market.


Founded in January of 1998 by Pete Ruselowski, Pride Golf Cars, has become one of the leaders in the wholesale of top-quality used golf car business offering golf cars at wholesale pricing.


Pride Golf Cars upon request, provides a complete list of all of its available golf cars for customer purchases. This list is updated on a regular basis. Transportation arrangements can also be made on golf cars sold by the company.


The outstanding continued success that Pride Golf Cars has experienced can be attributed to its high-quality suppliers and the emphasis they place on long-term customer satisfaction.


Pride Golf Cars extends a “Special Thank You” to all of its customers and suppliers who have made it’s success possible and looks forward to even stronger success over the next ten years.


For more information on Pride Golf Cars including a list of available golf  cars, contact: Pete Ruselowski at 800-304-4779, 785-452-9098, fax 785-452-9039, info@pridegolfcars.com, or web www.pridegolfcars.com.



September 29,2007- Will Castro of Unique Autosports in conjunction with Tomberlin Group present the #1 Rapper in the country, 50 Cent, with a Tomberlin E-Merge at 50 Cent’s Connecticut home.


Having been given a “Unique” touch by Will and his crew at Unique Autosports, 50 Cent’s E-Merge had custom seats wrapped in black leather with red piping and ITP Chrome SS 112 wheels. The Tomberlin E-Merge was met with much enthusiasm from 50 Cent and his entourage when Will unveiled the Tomberlin. The whole event was filmed for a future episode of Unique Whips, Will Castro’s hit television series appearing on Speed Channel. The episode will air sometime around April 2008.


Tomberlin is a full line supplier of Power sports products- ATVs, Go-Karts, Scooters, and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.  Tomberlin is based in Augusta, Georgia.  More information can be found at www.tomberlin.net or call (706) 860-8880.



October 3, 2007 - No, it’s not the return of the bullpen car. It’s something much better and more inventive. Custom Caddy Werx in Denver is adding yet another eye-catcher to its fleet of unique golf carts. The Screamer is a fully customizable model shaped like a baseball. You can even add a hat on top.


It’s just another example of great rides for the green that are limited only by the imagination of the owner. It joins the ranks of other sports-themed carts already in production, including carts that look like golf balls, basketballs and soccer balls.


But those aren’t the only options for Specialty Sports Vehicles (SSVs). If a customer can dream it, Custom Caddy Werx owner Tim Hall can build it. Air conditioning, street-legal light systems, stereos, leather, ice chests cabinets and mini-tows are among common options customers choose.


The carts are more than a fun way to mix hobbies, they’re also highly effective marketing tools. They stand out on the links or at special events simply because of their unique designs, but the increased surface area of the sports ball is also the perfect canvas for an ad.


They’re also safe, reliable vehicles to get you where you need to go. You can order a brand new cart for customizing, or have Hall fit your vision on your existing one. The custom portion of the cart is crafted from fiberglass, weighs about 100 pounds and is 6 feet in diameter. Custom Caddy Werx can usually complete your custom cart in 4 weeks or less. Prices vary depending on cart and upgrades.


To learn more about the carts and view sample designs, visit www.customcaddywerx.com. For more information or to order, call 303-887-8827.



September 23, 2007 - Tomberlin Group breaks new ground with the inclusion of an LSV in the Orchard City Beach Car Show in Orchard City Beach, New York.  For those who do not know what an LSV is, it stands for Low Speed Vehicle.  These vehicles are a new breed of car that is street legal on roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph and below.  Accompanied by Will Castro and the rest of our friends at Unique Autosports from the hit series on Speed Channel, Unique Whips, the Tomberlin E-Merge “emerges” as a crowd favorite.  In a sea of rat rods, custom motorcycles, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, trucks that scrape the ground and some that touch the sky, the Tomberlin E-Merge defeated all as Will Castro’s choice for personal transportation around the show.


The benefits of an E-Merge are much the same as automobiles.  It is street legal and features; 4-wheel braking system, independent front suspension, digital speedometer and odometer, high mount stop lamp, 3 point seat belts, windshield wiper, lockable trunk and all D.O.T approved lighting from front to back.  The E-Merge certainly had no problems drawing a crowd.


Thanks to Will Castro’s Unique Whips, the transition from cart to car was seamless. Maybe the future will bring an entirely separate category for this innovative mode of transportation, but as the winner for this years LSV category at the Orchard Beach Car Show, the Tomberlin E-Merges victorious.


“You can anticipate the continued advancement of our electric vehicle line we race to lead the American LSV segment.  When the likes of Will Castro take notice, we feel confident were  heading in the right direction.”-Dewey Holland, President of Tomberlin Automotive Group.


Tomberlin is a full line supplier of Power sports products- ATVs, Go-Karts, Scooters and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.  Tomberlin is based in Augusta, Georgia.  More information can be found at www.tomberlin.net and at (706) 860-8880.



E-Z-GO, a Textron Inc. company and the world’s leading manufacturer of golf cars and utility vehicles, today announces the hiring of Jeff Feldman as Regional Sales Representative for California.


Feldman comes to E-Z-GO from ProLink Solutions, a leading provider of GPS systems for golf courses, where he served as Regional Sales Executive the past four years. Covering the Southern California, Las Vegas and Hawaii markets, Feldman was named ProLink’s Sales Executive of the Year in 2004 and 2005 and achieved personal-record system sales in 2006. He also has 12 years of experience in industrial sales.


At E-Z-GO, Feldman will be responsible for maintaining current fleet golf car accounts, identifying and pursuing new business at courses and resorts throughout a key territory north of Los Angeles. A native of Southern California, Feldman holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from California State University Northridge.


“I’ve been a longtime admirer of E-Z-GO and am honored to join the company’s team of sales representatives,” Feldman says. “I look forward to helping E-Z-GO gain additional market share in my home state while bolstering its reputation for outstanding customer service.”


Adds Mike Riddle, E-Z-GO Western Regional Manager: “Jeff is a very talented, experienced and motivated sales professional and we’re excited to welcome him to the E-Z-GO family. Jeff brings a wealth of contacts and a sterling reputation throughout the golf industry, making him a perfect fit for this position and our company.”


E-Z-GO is also a leading provider of industrial, turf and utility vehicles for a variety of applications and industries. Products under the E-Z-GO flagship include the Shuttle Personnel Carrier, ST Trail Utility vehicles, and the Clays Car, the world’s first vehicle designed specifically for the sporting clays shooter. E-Z-GO also produces the Cushman line of heavy duty burden carriers.  More information is available at www.textron.com.



October 7, 2007- The Tomberlin E-Merge was hand picked to appear on a future segment of Future Ridez (www.futureridez.com), an upcoming television series that features transportation concepts of the future, including electric commuter vehicles and alternative fueled vehicles. The show will feature cars from giant automakers such as Honda, Toyota, Ford, and General Motors, as well as a huge assortment of smaller companies such as Tomberlin who are true innovators in the Alternative Fueled Vehicle world.


The Tomberlin E-Merge E-2 and E-4 models were chosen since they are street legal and have numerous automotive features including 4-wheel brakes, independent front suspension, speedometer and odometer, high mount stop lamp, 3-point seat belts, windshield wiper, lockable trunk, and D.O.T-approved lighting, front to back and cutting edge styling.  This episode is due to air in early 2008 on PBS and will feature a couple highly customized Tomberlin E-merge cars from Electrick Motorsports Inc. in Loomis, CA.


Tomberlin is a full line supplier of Powersports products- ATVs, Go-Karts, Scooters, and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.  Tomberlin is based in Augusta, Georgia.  More information can be found at www.tomberlin.net or call (706) 860-8880.



September 5, 2007 - Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries, announced today the introduction of two new models: The T-1275 Plus™ and J150 Plus™ 12-volt batteries to its Plus Series line.  The addition of the 12-volt batteries to its existing 6-volt models introduced earlier this year further expands Trojan’s product portfolio in all deep-cycle markets.


The Plus Series deep cycle batteries have distinct features that were designed specifically to meet customer requests including Trojan’s SureVent™ flip-top vent cap system for safer, faster and easier watering; Trojan’s built-in maximum electrolyte level indicator for precise watering that results in better performance and longer life; and Trojan’s embedded terminals for higher durability.


The T-1275 Plus is engineered as the ideal battery for golf cars and the J150 Plus, in addition to all the advantages of the Plus Series, includes rope handles to facilitate easy lifting and installation for users.      


“Being first-to-market with a superior 12-volt golf battery demonstrates our worldwide market leadership and continued commitment to our customers in the deep cycle markets that we serve,” said David Godber, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Trojan Battery.       The Plus Series batteries are available through Trojan’s Master Distributor Network in the following sizes: T-105 Plus, T-125 Plus, T-145 Plus, T-1275 Plus and J150 Plus. Trojan’s proprietary Maxguard® Advanced Design Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus® paste formulation are still included. Together, these patented technologies help extend the life of your battery, sustain performance and lower water consumption and overall maintenance costs.


For Media inquiries please contact: Kari Weinberger, Marketing Communications at 562-236-3038 or kweinberger@trojanbattery.com.

CS (NovDec07) - E-Z-GO RXV


E-Z-GO, a Textron Inc. company and the world’s leading manufacturer of golf cars and utility vehicles, today unveils its new, much anticipated fleet golf car -  engineered to deliver reliability, superior performance, operating efficiency and safety through an array of enhanced features and innovations.


The E-Z-GO RXV represents a major step forward in golf car technology. The new vehicle is expected to deliver exceptional value to golf course operators through reduced energy and maintenance costs, and an unsurpassed experience for golfers through best-in-class power, control, comfort and safety. The RXV’s classic yet contemporary lines make it a smart addition to the E-Z-GO family.


The RXV is available in electric and gas models. The existing TXT model, introduced in 1995 and the best-selling fleet golf car in company history, will remain a key component in E-Z-GO’s lineup.


“Years of intense work and dedication by E-Z-GO’s marketing, design and engineering teams have produced what we believe is the finest golf car ever built,” says John L. Garrison, President of E-Z-GO. “We consider the RXV to be a ‘game changer’ at all levels. Our golf course partners will see even quicker fleet turnaround times, lower energy, fuel and maintenance expenses, and easier upkeep. Golfers will discover a vehicle that rides, handles and stops unlike any golf car they’ve driven, with many new rider comforts. The E-Z-GO RXV delivers the reliability customers expect, the value their operation requires, and the experience their golfers demand.”


The numerous RXV innovations, features and benefits include:

AC drive (electric): Unprecedented for an electric golf car, the RXV’s drive train uses an alternating current motor, not the traditional direct current motor, generating more power and longer operating time between battery charges. The RXV is up to 30-percent more efficient than direct-current golf cars, boasting a 48-volt motor - enabling a 10-percent improvement in daily range.


Dual-braking system (electric): A fail-safe park brake automatically engages when the RXV stops - requiring no foot pedal engagement. The industry-first auto braking system brakes automatically on steep slopes when needed and can easily hold a 40-percent grade. This “drive-by-wire” system maintains constant speeds safely and easily. The system supplies recharge to the batteries whenever brakes are applied, enhancing efficiency by up to 30 percent, keeping the vehicle on the course longer and reducing long-term operating costs. 


Energy transfer bumpers (electric and gas): The RXV features front, back and side bumpers, positioned to minimize damage by absorbing and transferring energy from impacts into the frame rather than the engine or components. The front and rear bumpers are rated to withstand impacts of 5 MPH; side bumpers are rated for 5 MPH collisions.


Kawasaki high-performance 13-HP engine (gas): This engine sets new benchmarks for performance — even on the hilliest terrain.  With a larger cylinder and lower RPM, it delivers better fuel economy with less noise. And more miles per gallon mean greater savings for course operators.


Warranty: The reliability of the new RXV is backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry - four-year, bumper-to-bumper coverage. E-Z-GO’s batteries are guaranteed to last for four years, 1,200 rounds or 21,500 amp hours - whichever comes first - for 36 holes of golf a day, every day.


Improved golfer experience: The RXV features an automotive-style, A-arm suspension with coil over spring shock providing a smooth, comfortable ride. It also features added storage space while cup and ball holders are within easy reach of driver and passenger. Redesigned hip restraints and thicker foam padding ensure a comfortable ride; a wider canopy prevents rain from dripping inside the vehicle; a larger bag well accommodates today’s biggest golf bags.


Fresh exterior styling: Retaining the classic E-Z-GO look while incorporating up-to-date design elements, the RXV boasts a boldly elegant appearance. Its inviting style makes the RXV as visually appealing as it is enjoyable to drive.


Environmentally friendly operation: The RXV electric model requires less energy to charge and operate, minimizing the vehicle’s “carbon footprint” and reducing hazardous waste. And its whisper quiet engine practically eliminates noise pollution. The RXV gas model is compliant with the stringent emissions standards of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and improves fuel economy by up to 52 percent. The RXV’s seats are made from 100-percent recycled foam.


Safety comes first: In addition to the advantages of dual braking and energy transfer bumpers, the RXV has many features designed to keep golfers safe and secure. Its limited slip differential delivers 25-percent better traction and is especially effective on wet or sandy soil. A slip resistant floormat gives golfers firm footing in wet conditions, while the RXV’s canopy has double-wall construction and 50-percent thicker struts.


“Our passionate and talented E-Z-GO team considered every mechanical, ergonomic and safety element of the golf car, producing a vehicle of exceptional quality,” Garrison says. “In designing the RXV, we listened to our customers and incorporated their feedback. Our goal was to completely re-imagine the golf car in a way that produced measurable results for course owners, along with performance that truly enhanced the golf experience. I’m proud to say our team has delivered on all counts.”


In 1995 E-Z-GO introduced the groundbreaking TXT golf car, which became the best-selling fleet golf car in company history and is a staple at public, private and resort courses worldwide. E-Z-GO first began producing golf cars at its Augusta headquarters in 1954 and has introduced such industry innovations as rack-and-pinion steering, the Precision Drive System, regenerative braking, anti-rollback and diagnostic capabilities.

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