TS (SepOct07) - High Amp F&R Switch

By: Matt Vallez

This article first appeared in September /October, 2004 issue of Golf Car News Magazine, it has been updated, fact checked and reprinted for this issue.


Over the last few years dealers have been “beefing-up” or making high amp modifications to their electric golf cars. It started with a motor or field coil change, then the controllers. Then the motors started to get even larger. This meant larger, higher amp controllers. It soon became necessary to have 4-gauge wire to put it all together so that nothing would melt.


All these modifications allow, or require higher amperage to flow through the power wiring to the primary electric components. The problem is that one part is often overlooked during this “beefing-up” process, the F&R switch.


I was speaking to the brains behind EV Parts Inc. Roderick Wilde and discussing how interesting the things he has done with electric cars, (mostly for racing purposes, go to: www.suckamps.com) to come up with a hot topic for this months article. He and I both agreed that the F&R switch is the most overlooked part when “beefing-up” or high amp modifications to an electric car. Although this is not as exciting as modifying an electric postal jeep to reach speeds of over 100 MPH, it is a hot topic, literarily.


Cars are often modified with the stock F&R switch unchanged except to connect a smaller gauge or thicker power wires to them. This is unacceptable and will only cause problems somewhere down the line. A mechanical F&R switch has a hard enough job as it is. It is always “on” so to speak; current is always passing through it. Your F&R switch is a circuit between the controller and your motor, and they must be capable of the same amp load.  Once the switch is shifted from one direction to the other, it first passes through a natural point, so as not to ark before reversing the polarity to the field coils. Otherwise the load is constant.


These switches were designed to handle the stock amps, not the new level. Think about it, you just installed a 500-amp controller. That means that if required your controller will send 500-amps to the motor and that means 500 amps right through your F&R switch. The original system is capable of handling about 350-amps peak, if that.


The simplest and least expensive way to handle the additional amp load is to modify a stock F&R switch to handle the load. The weakest part of these switches is the bus bars. On an E-Z-GO switch they are between the contacts on the cam, or part that moves. These bus bars are thin and not made to carry large amp loads. Just replace them with some 3/16 inch thick by ½ inch wide copper bar and you’re off to the races.


The first time this article was published we only spoke of overlooking the F&R switch. It is of equal importance to upgrade the solenoid to a level that matches your system and specifically the amperage rating of the new controller being installed. A solenoid that is not matched has the potential to cause more trouble than even the F&R switch. The solenoid is the on off switch of the system, if you are passing an amperage that is higher than it is designed to handle it has the potential to fail. This failure could be in the on position, or more precisely, the can’t be turned off mode of failure. A failure like this could be damaging to the system because it will need something to melt to the point where electric current flow is stopped before it will shut down. Such a failure can be a complete loss of the golf car if left unattended.


Next time you are making a “beefed-up” or high amperage electric car remember the F&R Switch and the solenoid. Because your “beefed-up” electric car is only as good as its weakest part, so make sure that’s not the F&R switch or the solenoid.

Industry News - September/October 2007


SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA. – August 31, 2007 – Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries, today announced that it was recently awarded the prestigious International Organization for Standards (ISO) 9001:2000 certification for the Company’s Quality Management System by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).


“This achievement was a direct result of the entire organization working together effectively to develop and maintaining the excellent quality standards we have to achieve customer satisfaction, standardization, and continuous improvement of our internal processes,” said Rick Godber, President and CEO of Trojan Battery. “With ISO 9001:2000 certification, we have established our Quality Management System with global recognition that will enable us to achieve long-term operational excellence and success. Trojan’s customers expect nothing less—and we’ll meet their expectations.”          


Trojan Battery first embarked on the “Road to ISO” in 2005 by means of streamlining the Quality Management System across all their U.S. facilities. The effort was driven by Gilbert Alba, Quality Director, which lead to the first successful certification for the Company’s manufacturing plant in Lithonia, Georgia in January of 2006, followed by two of their plants located in Santa Fe Springs, California in December of 2006.


The construction of their fourth and biggest plant is currently underway in Sandersville, Georgia, due for completion in 2008. To learn more about Trojan Battery Company and its products, visit www.trojanbattery.com or call 800-423-6569.



MT. KISCO, NY, July 2007 — Curtis Instruments, Inc. announces that Mr. Richard Sadler has been appointed to the newly created position of Executive Vice President for Curtis Instruments, Inc. Mr. Sadler has been a key member of the Curtis senior management staff for 24 years.


Mr. Sadler studied at the Felsted School in England, from 1964-69.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Mechanical Engineering from Nottingham University in 1973. He joined Curtis in June 1983 as Managing Director for Curtis UK - which at the time included sales, service and manufacturing operations. Mr. Sadler was also responsible for the International offices managed by Curtis UK, including Great Britain, Ireland, India, the Middle East and English speaking Africa. Mr. Sadler is an Officer of Curtis Instruments and has been a member of the Curtis Inc Board of Directors since 1987. In January 2000 he was promoted to Vice President of European Operations, responsible for all aspects of Curtis on the continent.


In his new position, Mr. Sadler will manage the worldwide sales, product management, marketing and promotional activities of Curtis Instruments.


Mr. Sadler lives in Warwickshire, England with his wife, Jackie.



Isle Of Palms , S.C. -C.C.C.inc  received the first of their applied for patents from the United States Patent & Trademark Office  for their golf cart and utility vehicle cargo container the Top Locker. These lockers replace the factory installed top with lockable space for cargo and electronics. The increase of private golf cart and n.e.v. vehicles owners has helped the demand for an accessory that can be customized for each individual utility.


Top Lockers are made of U.V.resistant, high density, polyethylene, that can stand up to extreme weather environments. Only stainless steel is used for all hardware, and all units are covered by a one year warranty. Top Lockers are manufactured in gray, beige and green. Custom colors are available for quantity orders.


Dealers throughout the country are supplying their customers with customization options that did not exist before. Top Lockers let cart owners have more choices in what and where to put accessories. Territories are still available and new dealers are always welcomed. Please call 888-835-0590 or visit www.toplocker.com for more information.


Top Locker is a registered trademark and Made in America!



SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA, August 3, 2007 - Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries, today announced the availability of its Deep-Cycle Gel™ line of sealed lead acid batteries.  Trojan’s introduction of Deep-Cycle Gel will expand its market share in following markets:  floor machine, aerial work platform (AWP), and golf and utility vehicles.


Trojan’s Deep-Cycle Gel batteries are completely maintenance free and require no watering while providing customers long-lasting runtime and battery life in the most demanding of applications.  Utilizing a proprietary Gel formulation, Trojan’s Deep-Cycle Gel product line provide longer cycle life than other Gel or AGM technologies making it best in its class.   


With superior engineering, the Deep-Cycle Gel line offers exceptional durability and is certified non-spillable (UN2800) for air, sea or ground transportation, thus making it an optimal solution for use in health & safety-sensitive (HSE) environments such as schools, hospitals, airports and office buildings.


“We are very excited about this product line for it will allow us to offer our customers additional quality maintenance free products that complement our flooded deep cycle batteries in our core industrial and recreational markets,” said David Godber, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Trojan Battery.  “With a broader deep cycle product line, we can leverage our extensive application expertise with OEMs to help them select the right battery for their unique requirements.”


The Deep-Cycle Gel batteries are also available through Trojan’s Master Distributor Network in the following sizes: 24-Gel, 27-Gel, 31-Gel, and 6V-Gel (GC2).  The Deep-Cycle 24-Gel and 27-Gel products replace Trojan’s SuperGel SG-70 and SG-90 products.  To learn more about Trojan Battery Company and Deep-Cycle Gel™ products, visit www.trojanbattery.com or call 800-423-6569.



MT. KISCO, NY, Aug. 2007 — Curtis Instruments, Inc. announces that Mr. Leif Svensson has been appointed to the position of Vice President of Sales –Europe for Curtis Instruments, Inc.


Mr. Svensson has been a key member of the Curtis sales and operational management team staff for 16 years.


Mr. Svensson studied at the Sven-Erikson Skolan Borås School in Sweden, from where he graduated with a degree in electronic engineering in 1975.  He also received an MBA degree from Gothenburg University in Sweden in 1983.


He joined Curtis in 1991 as Sales Manager for Northern Europe. In 1994 he was promoted to Managing Director of Curtis AB in Sweden, responsible for all aspects of Curtis operations in Scandinavia. Since 2005 he has also been the Managing Director for Curtis GmbH responsible for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Prior to joining Curtis Instruments, Mr. Svensson held a series of progressively responsible engineering and managerial positions with Ascom from 1975-84 including starting a subsidiary in the US, living there for two years.


In his new position, Mr. Svensson will manage the sales operations of Curtis Instruments for all of Europe. Mr. Svensson lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.



Simple installation and great style makes this column perfect for your Club Car golf car.  ididit’s column is designed to fit into your original dash support.  The lower shaft of the column matches the spline of the original universal joint.  The wiring exits the tube of the column below the dash making it nearly invisible.  The top shaft of ididit’s column is the same as a 1969 or newer GM passenger car.   This is by far the most popular upper shaft size in the aftermarket steering wheel industry, making an ididit steering wheel adaptor perfect for your application.  For more information call ididit at (517) 424-0577 or visit us at ididitinc.com.



MT. KISCO, NY, Aug. 2007 — Curtis Instruments, Inc. announces that Mr. Mark Ankers has been appointed to the newly created position of Director of Product Management — Motor Speed Controllers.  In his new position, Mr. Ankers will be responsible for the worldwide product management for the Curtis motor speed controller product lines.


Mr. Ankers received a Bachelor of Engineering degree with Honors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1998 from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK. Previously, Mr. Ankers studied at NEWI in Wales, UK, where he obtained the BTEC HNC in Electrical Installation Engineering, Distinction grade in 1994.        


Prior to joining Curtis Instruments, he has had two decades of progressively responsible experience. His successful career encompasses the full spectrum of engineering, sales and product management responsibilities. Most recently Mr. Ankers was Product Marketing Manager - Industrial Products, for PG Drives Technology Ltd. of Christchurch, UK.  Previous roles have seen Mr. Ankers responsible for the installation and commissioning of automated control systems for the marine and offshore industry with Alstom Power Conversion of Rugby, UK, and the design and installation of industrial process control systems with Lloyd Morris Electrical Ltd. of Wrexham, UK, where he started his career as an electrical apprentice in 1987.



CHARLOTTE, N.C. (September 6, 2007) – Designed for courses with varied elevation angles, the new versatile AR-3 triplex rotary trim mower provides superior quality-of-cut in hard to reach areas of the golf course.


“This mower offers superintendents labor savings, flexibility, best-in-class climbing ability and overall premier performance,” said Brian Melka, Jacobsen director of product management.   For information, visit online at www.jacobsen.com, or contact you local dealer.

CS (SepOct07) - Taylor-Dunn Mfg


“Taylortruck” is one of the first electric vehicles that can compete with gasoline vehicles performance in outdoor applications. This vehicle operates at 18 MPH and can carry loads up to 3,000 Lbs. Specifically designed to meet rugged outdoor applications, Taylortruck is equipped with a 48 volt drive train that travels up to 30 miles in a single charge.


Taylor-Dunn’s GT Drive system provides hill climbing ability and acceleration while carrying a heavy cargo during daily operation. Taylortruck standard features include load range E tires, durable unitized frame design, four wheel hydraulic brakes and regenerative braking that ensure reliability and low maintenance cost.


With performance that exceeds gasoline vehicles, and the inherent cost benefits of electric vehicles, Taylortruck is the most cost effective solution to your utility needs. With product supported by a worldwide distribution system and trained sales staff, we can design a Taylortruck that meets your specific needs.


With more than 160,000 vehicles in service and over 55 years of experience in providing solutions to our customers, Taylor-Dunn products are the best way to go about your business.


Visit our web site at www.taylor-dunn.com

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