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By: Matt Vallez

This month I have been given some help from the Trojan Battery Company in the form an article that is both correct and informative, please read this carefully as there are some good tips on battery maintenance in particular.


Tips on Choosing the Right Battery and Proper Maintenance to Keep Your Golf Car Up and Running by Trojan Battery Company


Users of electric golf cars want their vehicles to be reliable.  Unexpected downtime can cost both money and enjoyment.  Choosing the right battery and knowing proper maintenance are two easy, yet often overlooked, ways to ensure the operation of your electric golf car.  To help guarantee the biggest return on your battery investment, follow these simple guidelines from Trojan Battery Company to get the maximum performance and life from your deep cycle batteries.


Choosing the Right Battery for Golf:


First determine the appropriate voltage and connections.  Usually there is no choice in battery voltage and connection, as the golf car manufacturer has designed the car to fit specific battery sizes in series.  For a 36V system you will typically need six 6V batteries in series to make up the 36V.  In a 48V system you will typically see six 8V or four 12V batteries in series; however some cars have been made to fit eight 6V batteries.


Next consider capacity—rated in minutes or ampere-hours (AH).  It is quite simple: The longer you drive the car the more capacity you’ll need.  You could use the capacity the golf car manufacturer uses as a baseline, knowing the capacity required is for two rounds of golf a day.  If your daily demand is more than that you may need a higher capacity battery, and if you need less you may be able to get away with a lower capacity battery.  Keep in mind that although two rounds a day may seem like more than you use, it can actually be less.  When driving two rounds on the golf course you may actually only have the pedal down for 30 minutes per round; the car may be idle during much of the time spent on a round of golf. However, if you drive your golf car around your community—perhaps to the golf course and back—you may be using much more energy than it takes for a round of golf. Therefore, when choosing the right battery for golf, veer on the safe side and oversize a battery for capacity. Undersizing a battery can get you stranded, while oversizing will simply get you longer life.


Tips for Proper Maintenance:



  • Always wear protective clothing, safety glasses, and gloves while performing battery maintenance
  • Never add acid to battery
  • Keep battery clean and dry
  • Keep sparks, flames and cigarettes away from battery
  • Keep vent caps tight except when checking electrolyte or adding water
  • Charge only in well ventilated areas
  • Skin contact with electrolyte should be avoided



  • Follow charger manufacturer instructions
  • Charge after each use
  • Ensure electrolyte level is above the plates
  • Tighten vent caps before charging
  • Do not interrupt charge cycle
  • Never charge a frozen battery
  • Avoid charging at temperatures above 120°F (49°C)


Watering (flooded  batteries only)

  • Add water only after fully charging the battery
  • The proper electrolyte level is 1/8″ below the bottom of the fill well to maximum level indicator
  • Never allow the electrolyte level to fall below the plates
  • Use distilled water



  • Tighten all vent caps before cleaning
  • Clean the battery and cable lugs with a solution of baking soda and water
  • Do not allow anything to get inside the battery
  • Rinse with water and dry
  • Thinly coat all cable connections with petroleum jelly or anti-corrosion spray



  • Tighten all wiring connections per the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Over-tightening can result in post breakage
  • Under-tightening can result in post meltdown or fire
  • Make sure there is good contact with the terminals



  • Do not equalize Gel or AGM batteries
  • Equalize when low or wide ranging specific gravity (+/-.015) is detected after a full charge
  • Connect battery to charger, set to equalize mode, and start the charge cycle
  • Take voltage readings every hour
  • Equalization is complete when voltage no longer rises
  • If charger does not have an equalization setting call Trojan technical support



  • Completely charge battery before storing
  • Store batteries in a cool, dry location
  • Avoid locations where freezing temperatures are expected
  • Keeping batteries fully charged prevents freezing
  • Avoid direct exposure to heat sources, such as radiators or heaters
  • While storing, charge batteries every six weeks


Want to learn more?  For live support, call 800-423-6569 or visit www.trojanbattery.com.


Industry News - July/August 2007


G. Wilson Douglas, Jr., son of company founder G. Wilson Douglas, began his career with Douglas Battery on June 15, 1944. In 1954, Wilson became assistant secretary of Douglas Battery Manufacturing and Douglas Battery Service Center. In 1965, in addition to these responsibilities, Wilson assumed the role of vice president and treasurer. In 1971, he was elected president, CEO and treasurer of Douglas Battery Manufacturing Company. Twenty years later, in 1991, he was appointed chairman. In May of 2003, he became chairman emeritus and served the company faithfully until his retirement. G. Wilson Douglas, Jr. retired on November 7, 2005, after a 61-year career with Douglas Battery.


Wilson was a passionate collector of Southern antiques and was an avid supporter of Old Salem and the Museum of Southern Decorative Arts located in Winston-Salem, NC. Because of his lifetime generosity and interest in Old Salem, on October 2, 1997, Wilson received the Frederic William Marshall Society’s Distinguished Service Award from the Old Salem Board of Trustees.



Largest verdict for fraud ever rendered for deception related to E-Z-GO Golf Cars. Law Firm of Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson obtains Fraud Judgment for 1.67 million dollars entered against E-Z-GO Textron, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, C.A. (July, 11, 2007) – Stephen Jamieson, a partner in the law firm Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson based in Los Angeles, California, in association with Tom Ward of the Lancaster based law firm Michelizzi, Schwanacher, Ward & Collins, obtained a Judgment for Fraud against E-Z-GO division of Textron, Inc. also known as TEXTRON INC this month. TEXTRON INC., a multinational defense contractor that is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TXT is ranked 190th on the Forbes 500. Ryan Kroll an associate at Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson assisted Mr. Jamieson.


A twelve person jury decided a verdict in favor of Ridgetop Ranch Properties, Inc. dba Lake Elizabeth Golf Course (LEGC) on claims of Breach of Express Warranty, Breach of the Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose, Fraud by Intentional Misrepresentation and Fraud by Concealment.


“The jury was clearly convinced by the evidence produced at trial that TEXTRON (E-Z-GO Golf Cart Division) committed Fraud,” explains Stephen Jamieson.


“E-Z-GO tried to hide behind limitations in its printed warranty but was not allowed to do so.”


According to the lawsuit: the 80 E-z-GO TXT golf cars broke down, failed, or were inoperable on a weekly basis, rendering numerous golf cars unfit for use; that while E-Z-GO was stating to LEGC that the golf cars were not defective for use at the Course, E-Z-GO was nevertheless at the same time seeking reimbursement and credit from the speed controller manufacturer, Curtis Instruments, Inc., claiming the speed controllers used on the TXT golf cars were defective and/or unfit for use; and, that E-Z-GO concealed these and other facts from LEGC and went on to replace the failed speed controllers with similarly defective controllers.


Due to the continual breakdown of the E-Z-GO golf cars, LEGC gained a reputation at that time as a course that was unreliable and dangerous, thereby suffering a tremendous decrease in the number of golf rounds played which caused a decrease in profitability and a diminution of value of the Course. They jury determined damages caused by E-Z-GO to be $1,670,932.00, plus costs, and 10% Post Judgment Interest.



SUMMERFIELD, FL. – B&B Preferred has announced that effective July 15th, Kelly Opplinger has joined B&B Preferred as their Account Manager. While Kelly’s duties will be numerous, his primary job will be working closely with customers to insure that customer satisfaction is 110%, and to answer any questions that might arise. Also this month, dealers and re-builders will have access to the newly designed Bolero. The Bolero is a take-off of another popular body-system that has been successful for the past four years. But because of the numerous changes, it was decided that this body-system should have anew name, hence the name Bolero.



Corona, CA - Just released, our new Xccelerator Series of deep cycle batteries has been specifically engineered to provide more power, size for size, than any other battery currently available.  The US 12VXC, twelve volt deep cycle battery, is the first to be released in this powerhouse series.  Originally designed for use in golf cars, this heavy duty battery is an extremely good fit in many other applications including marine, RV and sweeper/scrubber, to name a few.  The new and innovative design takes full advantage of our Diamond Plate TechnologyTM, providing you Xtreme CapacityTM in all applications.  No other battery on the market offers the capacity and improved features found in the US 12VXC!  With Diamond Plate TechnologyTM, you get:


Higher peak capacity, increased initial capacity, improved energy density, enhanced recharge-ability, fortified plate construction and improved cycle life.


Xtreme CapacityTM, from U.S. Battery Manufacturing Company, finally offers you a choice that raises the bar for performance standards to a whole new level.  For more information contact U.S. Battery Manufacturing Company at www.usbattery.com



NEWAN, GA – Yamaha Golf-Car Company announced that Tom McDOnald has been named Vice President – Marketing and Sales for the Newnan, Georgia based golf car and utility vehicle manufacturer. He has the primary responsibility for the sales and marketing of all Yamaha Golf-Car Company products and coordinating financial activities.


McDonald has 28 years of sales, marketing and business development experience in the automotive and power sports industries. McDonald most recently served as an industry consultant to the automotive, recreational vehicle and power sports industries. After graduating from Illinois State University, he began his career with Chrysler Corporation as a district sales manager. In 1981, he joined American Isuzu Motors where he served as Director of Regional Operations, in which he directed sales, service, parts, dealer development, customer satisfaction and employee development.


In 1997, McDonald served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Daewoo Motor America, reporting directly to the corporate president. In this role, he led their U.S. launch as well as establishing and operating exclusive company owned retail stores. McDonald then joined Aprilia World Service USA, Inc., a European motorcycle manufacturer, as vice president and general manager. From 1998 to 2006, he led the development of business operations in establishing the company’s U.S. headquarters.


Call 1-800-747-4027 for more information, or visit us on the web at www.yamahagolfcar.com.

CS (JulAug07) - Trojan Battery


SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA. – Mar. 8, 2007 – Trojan Battery Company has introduced Plus Series™, an innovative addition to their deep-cycle battery line-up, featuring new designs that address user needs for easier maintenance and longevity in the Golf market.


“Properly maintaining your battery means achieving maximum performance and long life that you expect,” said Christine Johnson, senior marketing manager. “We designed the Plus Series so it’s easier for our users to maintain properly for maximum performance and long life that they can depend on.”


The Plus Series features three new components: 1) SureVentTM flip-top vent cap system; 2) “max-level” water level indicators in the vent filling wells; and 3) die-cast embedded terminals.


The patent-pending SureVent flip-top vent cap system makes opening and closing the vents easy. Unlike the common screw-top caps used by most companies, SureVent caps flip open and stay attached to the battery cover, preventing users from misplacing or getting dirt on the caps during watering.


Because proper watering helps maximize battery life, Trojan designed the “max-level” water indicator, a built-in “lip” within each vent well. This visible indicator allows precise watering and helps prevent over-watering. 


The terminal for the Plus Series is embedded in the hard plastic cover. Die-cast embedded terminals withstand the heat and stress of the most demanding applications better and eliminate terminal breakage.


“We feel that the Plus Series is another example of Trojan’s commitment to providing market-leading innovation and solutions to the deep cycle markets that we serve,” said Dave Godber, executive vice president of sales and marketing. “We spend a lot of time listening to the users of our products and we are excited that this product line addresses many of their needs and concerns.”


The Plus Series batteries are available through Trojan’s Master Distributor Network in the following sizes: T-105 Plus, T-125 Plus, and T-145 Plus types, with T-1275 Plus available in August 2007. Trojan’s proprietary Maxguard® Advanced Design Separator and exclusive AlphaPlus® paste formulation are still included.


For more information call 800-423-6569 or visit www.trojanbattery.com.

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