TS (JanFeb07)- High Amp F&R Switch

By: Matt Vallez

This article first appeared in September /October, 2004 issue of Golf Car News magazine, it has been updated, fact checked and reprinted for this issue.


Over the last few years dealers have been “beefing-up” their electric golf cars. It started with a motor or field coil change, then the controllers. Then the motors started to get even larger. This meant larger higher amp controllers. It soon became necessary to have 4-gauge wire to put it all together so it nothing would melt.


All these modifications allow, or require higher amperage to flow through the power wiring to the primary electric components. The problem is that one part is often overlooked during this “beefing-up” process, the F&R switch.


I was speaking to the brains behind EV Parts Inc. Roderick Wilde and discussing how interesting the things he has done with electric cars, (mostly for racing purposes, go to: www.suckamps.com) to come up with a hot topic for this months article. He and I both agreed that the F&R switch is the most overlooked part when “beefing-up” an electric car. Although this is not as exciting as modifying an electric postal jeep to reach speeds of over 100 MPH, it is a hot topic, literarily.


Cars are often modified with the stock F&R switch unchanged except to connect a smaller gauge or thicker power wires to them. This is unacceptable and will only cause problems somewhere down the line. A mechanical F&R switch has a hard enough job as it is. It is always “on” so to speak; current is always passing through it. Your F&R switch is a circuit between the controller and your motor, and they must be capable of the same amp load.  Once the switch is shifted from one direction to the other, it first passes through a natural point, so as not to ark before reversing the polarity to the field coils. Otherwise the load is constant.


These switches were designed to handle the stock amps, not the new level. Think about it, you just installed a 500-amp controller. That means that if required your controller will send 500-amps to the motor and that means 500 amps right through your F&R switch. The original system is capable of handling about 350-amps peak, if that.


There are two good solutions that I know of. The simplest and least expensive is to modify a stock F&R switch to handle the load. The weakest part of these switches is the bus bars. On an EZGO switch they are between the contacts on the cam, or part that moves. These bus bars are thin and not made to carry large amps. Just replace them with some 3/16 inch thick by ½ inch wide copper bar and you’re off to the races.


JanFeb07 Wiring


The second alternative is more complex and more expensive. It requires replacing the mechanical switch with two six terminal solenoids and a three-position control switch. For the solenoids use two Nivel # 1165 for 36 Volt or Nivel #1130 both of are rated at 200-amp continuous and 600 amp peak. This will work for most applications. As this is a more complicated set up I have made up a diagram to help.


Next time you are making a “beefed-up” electric car remember the F&R Switch. Because your “beefed-up” electric car is only as good as it’s weakest part, so make sure that’s not the F&R switch.

Industry News - January/February 2007


The founder of Intercoastal Manufacturing Company, Paul S. Markley lost his short-term battle with cancer in October 2006. Paul was born February 25, 1933 in South Bend, Indiana, where he lived until the age of 18. 


In 1951, Paul entered the U.S. Army and served three years in Korea. Upon completing his military duty, he returned to South Bend and worked in construction on the highways and toll roads. In 1957, he moved to Port Angeles, Washington and became a regional dealer for Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles. In the early ‘60s, because of his demonstrated success as a dealer in Port Angeles, John Davidson personally requested that Paul take over their vacated motorcycle franchise in Tacoma, Washington. Paul accepted the offer and after just a few short years, expanded the franchise becoming the highest volume Harley-Davidson® dealership in the Northwest.


In the early ‘70s, with motorcycle franchises in Tacoma and Portland, Paul also became a distributor for Harley-Davidson® golf cars. Just as he had done with motorcycles, he quickly became the top volume golf car dealer in the Northwest, pioneering the golf car lease/rental business throughout Washington and Oregon. At the height of his ownership, his dealerships provided golf cars to over 55% of all the golf courses using rental cars within his territories, leaving the other 45% to be divided among the five or six other represented manufacturers in the areas at that time.


Building upon his success in the golf car industry, in 1975 Paul provided the financial backing to start another golf car related business in San Jose, California, along with long time friend Harley G. Coster. The new business, Intercoastal Manufacturing Company or IMC, specialized in replacement parts for use predominately on gasoline powered Harley-Davidson® golf cars. The original facility encompassed 5000 square feet of an industrial complex.  By 1978, IMC had doubled its size and moved to a larger location, still in San Jose, and served about 65 dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Then, in 1981, Harley Coster retired and the IMC business was moved to Oregon, where Paul resided. IMC’s growth continued escalating at a rapid pace over the next eleven years, as the business was expanded to include a complete line of fast moving replacement parts for use on a wide variety of golf car and utility vehicles. This growth culminated in the establishment of a 45,000 square foot home office and distribution facility in North Plains, Oregon, with satellite distribution warehouse locations in South Bend, Indiana and Enterprise, Alabama.


Paul sold IMC in 1992 so that he could focus all of his attention on a successful and thriving commercial real estate business he had been developing for more than 25 years in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas.



The first Tomberlin™ E-Merge E2 Low Speed Vehicles have made their way to dealerships across the country. Consumer driven demand for the innovative Electric Vehicle is strong and may mark one of the largest LSV roll outs to date.


The E-Merge is loaded with features like four wheel brakes, digital dash, seatbelts, LED lights, emergency brake and lockable trunk.

E-Merge E-2

E-Merge E-4


The Tomberlin E-Merge™ is new for 2007 and is an entirely new class of product for PowerSports dealers and customers.  Available in 2 or 4 seating configurations, the        E-Merge is an Electric powered Low Speed Vehicle, allowed to drive on most roads with 35 mph speed limit under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  The E2 will soon be followed by the E-4, seating four, and the Anvil™, an industry setting LSV neighborhood vehicle designed from the ground up by Tomberlin.


Michael Tomberlin, CEO, stated “We are extremely pleased in the market acceptance of our vehicles. Our biggest challenge right now is meeting the demand. We will not rush this product or flood the market with product or dealers. We are monitoring retail closely and all indicators are exceeding our expectations. With roll on roll off dealer delivery it appears we have a remarkable opportunity to further grow our organization as well as the dealers we serve. Enthusiasm is certainly at an all time high”.


For more information please go to  www.Tomberlin.net or call (877) 543-7288.



Style with Muscle light weight cast aluminum golf car wheels

Santa Fe Springs, CA.  Wheel Mate Products, a division of Mackin Industries, Inc. established in 1982.  This year marks Wheel Mate’s Fifth Year Anniversary of the inception of their golf car wheel and accessory division and their original 4 Spoke T-Series cast golf car wheel. Other noteworthy Wheel Mate 10” designs include the ever popular Split Spoke E-Series and the P-Series Fin design with optional color accents. To mark this occasion, Wheel Mate has revisited their traditional 4-spoke design with the re-release and improved NEW T2-Series.  Design modifications include an eye-pleasing radial groove along with a post-interior sweep to each of the four spokes.  Not only do these design enhancements add aesthetic value to the wheel but equally important, actually reinforce the integrity of the wheel adding strength in all the key areas. These innovations are one way Wheel Mate converges design objectives together with overall wheel strength and integrity.  According to Wheel Mate, this helps them to better differentiate the Wheel Mate product line from that of their competition… ultimately protecting each level of distribution to ensure the delivery of a reputable, quality proven wheel and accessory product to the end-user.


January ’07 marks the introduction of Wheel Mate’s release of the highly anticipated NEW 12×7 F-SERIES … Style with Muscle.  Weighing in at less than 10lbs a corner, this rim will soon become the talk around the block. Finishes include the Wheel Mate factory original…Gunmetal machine finish which promises to be a real head turner. Additional premium finishes include polish and chrome.  Both the T2-Series and F-Series are now in stock and available for immediate delivery.  


Wheel Mate is the name to rely on for quality and innovation in golf car wheel and accessory design. Wheel Mate Products also offers a full-line of high quality wheel accessories such as standard and metric lug nuts, wheel locks, chrome steel center caps, valve stems, spinner systems and custom billet wheel adapters. Wheel Mate Products has been supplying quality parts and service to both the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and the automotive aftermarket for over two decades. For more information contact sales @ 800.821.6025; wm@mackinindustries.com or visit their website: www.mackinindustries.com/wm for the distributor nearest you.



The European Golf Course Owners Association named Club Car the preferred supplier of golf cars and turf/utility vehicles for the 600-member EGCOA.


The EGCOA, which includes golf course owners in 12 European countries, partners with members to build stronger businesses through educational programs, sharing of best practices and partnerships with leading industry manufacturers and service providers.


“Club Car has an enviable track record in the golf industry, and I have no doubt its knowledge and experience, as well as the quality of products and sales support, will help our members improve their businesses,” said Marcel Welling, president of the EGCOA.


In the U.S., Club Car is the exclusive premier partner of the National Golf Course Owners Association, which includes the owners of more than 6,200 golf courses.


“We’re excited to partner with the EGCOA to bring Club Car’s commitment to business solutions and the growth of the game to its members,” said Robert McElreath, vice president–Global Marketing for Augusta-based Club Car.


Club Car provides fleet, turf, hospitality and financing solutions for golf, recreational and industrial markets. For more information on Club Car, go to www.clubcar.com.



Kart Komfort, the leader in innovative Long Travel Suspensions has completed a consolidation move to their new facility.


Kart Komfort designs and manufactures in America the finest in World Class Systems to provide the ultimate in ride, comfort, and safety of golf and conversion cars and NEV. Kart Komfort was recently acquired by TeamFAST.com, but will operate as a separate division.  This move gives them access to additional resources to better meet the needs of their expanding markets.


Typical suspension modifications/lifts that retain leaf springs do nothing to improve the ride and in many instances, actually make the ride rougher.  Kart Komfort SBX Suspensions replace the traditional leaf spring/shock and are engineered for ride comfort and control.  Additionally, the Long Travel feature, adds lift for increased road clearance.


To headline this move, Warren Lundgren, who has joined Kart Komfort as Product Manager, announces a new Dealer Initiative.  This program will help dealers increase sales and margins and offers several unique features.   More information on SBXTM products and Dealer Opportunities can be found at www.kartkomfort.com or e-mail kart@teamfast.com.



Sunshine Tops, whose primary product is a stylish convertible golf car top, The Top Option,  announced the addition of side panel enclosures to their product line. “Side panels have been specifically requested by our customers. We have a design with easy operation that compliments the top and features quick on and off and easy storage,” said Dan Flynn, President of Sunshine Tops. The quick disconnects, located on the rear supports have been very popular as they allow complete removal of the top in seconds.  This is the perfect accessory for those who trailer the cart to campgrounds or store in areas with height restrictions. The windshield frame hinges work to compliment the quick disconnects by allowing the frame and glass to store below the height of the steering wheel at will. For more information, call 1-888-326-3596.

CS (JanFeb07) - Krazy Karts “Biggie”


The “Biggie” by Krazy Karts, has a custom adjustable 24” lift, adjustable aluminum coil covers, 16” x 8” aluminum rims, 600 amp controller, a custom 25 hp motor and can reach speeds up to 40 mph.

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