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CS (SepOct15) - M&M Vehicles

sepoct15-cvrSeptember/October cover photo is from M&M Vehicles, Mexico MO. Aluminum black powder coated 3-N-1 seat kit with black seats, 8″ lift kit, 10″ Eclipse polished wheels and more.

CS (Jul/Aug15) - Nivel Parts


Nivel Parts, the world’s largest supplier of aftermarket parts and accessories for golf cars has added NEW colored wheels to their product line.

These wheels are available in 14″, 12″, and 10″ sizes with finishes of; gloss black with blue accent, gloss black with champagne accent, gloss black with red accent, gloss white with black accent, gloss white with blue accent and matte red with machined accent. Available in Storm Trooper, Tempest and Vampire styles.

Now there’s no better way to stylize your golf car than by pairing a set of our colored wheels with your favorite low profile or off-road tires. For more information visit

CS (MayJun15) - Suite Seats


gcn-mayjun15-fcThe golf cart industry has changed a lot since United Commercial Upholstery (UCU) first started offering Suite Seats in 2006. In initial regional market testing, custom “bucket” seats were unheard of, and the custom golf cart seat industry was almost nonexistent; “custom” seating consisted of taking the uncomfortable OEM seating and stapling on two tone seat covers.

The test marketing was strong and UCU started offering Suites Seats nationally in 2007, riding the phenomenon of “tricked out” golf carts, creating the custom golf cart seat market. The original “Suite Seat” is a custom bucket style seat with outside and middle bolsters that give the seat a supportive contoured feel as compared to a flat bench seat. Suite Seats were the first major brand available for most models of carts and the customizers were drawn to it because of its style, comfort, custom colors, and embroidery options.

The “Touring Edition” was developed in 2010 after a direct request from a high volume Suite Seats dealer. UCU/Suite Seats top of the line seat, the “Touring Edition” is a Suite Seat with extended headrests, and armrests that fold up and down. This dealer indicated that the client base liked the original Suite Seat, but was frequently asked for seats with fold up armrests to take the place of the plastic factory hip restraints, creating a golf cart seat with easier entry and exit.

In 2012 UCU/Suite Seats started offering OEM style replacement seats and two color bench seats. Dealers were looking for an alternative source for OEM replacement seats in manufacturer’s colors and style for golf courses and retirement communities, as well as a two color bench seat to accent golf carts at a less expensive price point. It may seem like an about-face to create a product line that’s economy themed, (after producing a premium custom seat) but after listening to their dealers, UCU/Suite Seats realized that they could bring a “new twist” to the market. The “Legacy” line is styled the same as OEM seating, but manufactured using the same quality foam, vinyl, and wood used in Suite Seats and Touring Edition seats.  The Legacy line (OEM style) has a much more comfortable feel than the utilitarian style seating that comes as original equipment. UCU/Suite Seats elected to also offer a variety of covers available for repairing OEM seats. This allowed Suite Seat dealers to be able to combine their seat (OEM and custom) needs and receive them from a single supplier.

In addition to three distinct styles of front facing golf cart seats, Suite Seats makes seat sets for “rear facing” seat kits.  The rear sets are available in the Suite Seats or the OEM style/Legacy Line.

The Suite Seats line of seating is offered as original equipment by four major manufacturers, the two largest aftermarket golf cart warehouses, and over 600 golf cart dealers.  For more information please visit

CS (MarApr15) - Trojan Battery

This months cover photo features Trojan Battery, taken from the floor of the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show In Orlando Florida.

CS (JanFeb15) - 2015 Custom Golf Car Winner

gcn-janfeb15-coverThis issues cover photo features the “Best of Show” winner from South Central Golf Equipment, West Plains, MO.

4 ft wide x 13 ft long x 5 ft tall; raised roof of cab is 5 1/2 ft tall and all steel fabrication by hand.

Cushman chassis, stretched frame rails three feet in center, with an E-Z-GO gas drivetrain. The suspension consists of gas shocks with leaf springs at front axle; air shock with leaf springs at rear axle. Custom wheels and tires from Nivel and disk brakes. Fold down ladder rack operated by gas struts. All four cab doors are completely functional, including locks. The roll-up compartment doors in the body are fully functional and fitted with usable shelves and house useable fire and rescue equipment. This one-of-a-kind fire truck also has custom hose bed made from Belgium redwood and speed lay covers. Functioning LED scene lights mounted on back wall of cab, LED warning lights and LED head and taillights. Red vinyl upholstery with golf balls and tee holders built into the dash. Golf bag attachment on rear of fire truck for those days off!

CS (NovDec14) - Yamaha


Yamaha Extends Trevino’s Brand Ambassador Role, While Featuring Him in a New Advertising Campaign Running on Golf Channel Coverage of the Ryder Cup

After an initial test drive that began last January, Yamaha Golf-Car Company and Lee Trevino have agreed to extend the former Ryder Cup Captain’s role as Yamaha’s international brand ambassador and company spokesman through 2015.

The timing of the announcement coincides with the launch of a broad-reaching new marketing campaign that features Trevino in a series of print, broadcast and web-based advertisements showcasing Yamaha’s proprietary Electronic Fuel Injection technology (EFI) in its gas-powered cars.

The Yamaha Golf Car campaign has commenced on Golf Channel and will run during its coverage of the 2014 Ryder Cup matches at Gleneagles, Scotland. Trevino is 4th on the all-time list of “Most Ryder Cup Matches Won,” tied with Jack Nicklaus at 17 wins.

The announcement of the extended partnership was made by Kevin Norcross, director of sales and marketing for Yamaha Golf-Car Company. Said Norcross, “Lee’s passion for our brand began 22 years ago with his first Yamaha golf car. Today, he embodies the commitment to golf, dependability and camaraderie on which Yamaha has built its reputation.”

As an industry first, Electronic Fuel Injection for the Yamaha gas golf cars offers many benefits over traditional carbureted fuel delivery systems, including:

• The greenest gasoline-powered golf car available, and with the industry’s smallest carbon footprint.

No choke required, meaning smoother, more responsive acceleration.

• Best gas mileage of any golf car.

Lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Over two years ago we were excited to be the first golf car manufacturer to offer Electronic Fuel Injection to our customers” added Norcross. “We were able to draw from the technology gained in manufacturing other reliable Yamaha products such as Wave Runners, outboard motors, motorcycles and ATV’s that also have Fuel Injection. The benefits of EFI will save fleet operators thousands of dollars in fuel costs.”

In referring to the benefits of EFI in one of the YGC television commercials, Trevino cleverly coined the phrase “No Choke, No Smoke.”

For more information about Yamaha Golf-Car Company, visit online at

CS (Sep/Oct14) - Cushman


Our September/October cover features the Cushman Hauler™ PRO with a 72-volt AC drivetrain that provides the range and power once exclusive to gas-powered machines in a silent, zero-emissions vehicle. Cushman vehicles are manufactured by the E-Z-GO Division of Textron Inc.

“This new Cushman Hauler PRO gives superintendents the range and power of a gas-powered UTV, but in a silent, electric model a golf course needs,” said Mike Parkhurst, Vice President, Golf for E-Z-GO and Cushman. “Cushman has a history of providing superintendents with reliable vehicles to tackle any job and the Hauler PRO is no different.”

The Hauler PRO is equipped with a standard on-board charger, which provides the convenience of charging the vehicle at any outlet within a property and eliminates the need for a separate bulky charger. An optional 12V outlet is also available.

An optional limited-slip differential provides for greatly improved traction on wet or loose turf, while helping to protect fairways from damage due to wheel slippage.

The Hauler PRO features a maximum load capacity of 1,000 pounds and come standard with a 9.5-cubic-foot cargo bed. A 14.9-cubic-foot aluminum cargo bed will be available as a factory-installed option for facilities that require more cargo space.

For more information about Cushman’s complete line of golf and golf utility vehicles, Shuttle personnel carriers and Refresher® food and beverage vehicles, visit

CS (JulAug14) - Club Pro Manufacturing

Club Pro MFG has a long history of innovation. Its patented Sand & Speed Bottle is a revolutionary design that reduces the replenishment time of sand bottles dramatically. It was the first company to patent a universal golf car enclosure and the first company to offer a heater for golf cars. Founded by Bill and Jack Ridge out of their brother’s garage, today Club Pro MFG is a fully integrated engineering, manufacturing and fulfillment center that, after 26 years in business, continues to bring innovative ideas to the marketplace.

Having developed all the products in its lineup, the newest offering from Club Pro is one that, well, they acquired. At the 2013 PGA Show in Orlando, Steve Tyrer, President of Club Pro MFG, recalled seeing the Encompass Cab System for the first time. “The guy in the booth was giving a demo so I stopped to listen. We had been working on a hard-door enclosure but were still in the early stages of development. This was the best enclosure I had ever seen and knew we had to be involved with it.”

The guy giving the demo was Biff Brown, the inventor of the Encompass Cab System. He was demonstrating his product and receiving great feedback, however, he didn’t have any way to produce it. He recalls meeting Steve for the first time. “Steve came up and told me about him and his company. I was looking for someone to partner with and Steve seemed to have all the right answers to my questions. After about a month of meetings, we struck a deal.”

After the acquisition, Club Pro immediately put its engineers to work, merging some existing patents with Biff’s patent-pending design to create the most functional and stylish enclosure on the market. “Our customers are extremely pleased with the quality of the Encompass Enclosure,” says Rob Sheirbon, president of Foursome Golf Cars in Woodburn, OR. “And our techs love how easy it is to install. It has been a great addition to our showroom.”

The Encompass’s patented curved-door system is constructed of spot-welded aluminum wrapped in Top Gun 11-ounce fabric and allows for easy entry and exit. The large 20-gauge double polished UV-treated windows allow for sufficient airflow and also serve as an armrest when down. Standard colors are Black, Beige and Oyster with custom colors available upon request.

“We are launching the new Carryall model in August,” said Bryan Casey, VP of Sales & Marketing. “We’ll continue to roll out new models throughout the next several months.” As for Biff, he continues to have a role with Club Pro through PR work and development. “Man, I sometimes have to pinch myself!” he says with a big laugh. “Club Pro didn’t buy me, they sold me on who they are and what they do.”

The Club Car Precedent, Yamaha Drive and E-Z-GO RXV models are currently available. The newly designed Club Car Carryall model will be available August 1. For more information on Club Pro MFG, please visit

CS (MayJun14) - Club Car


2014 product launch is largest in company’s history

Club Car, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, will introduce the first golf car with built-in connected technology, a new electrical charging system and a reengineered and restyled line of Carryall utility vehicles at the PGA Merchandise Show next week and at the Golf Industry Show in February.

Club Car President and CEO Marc Dufour called the introductions historic for the 56-year-old company. “Never before in our history has Club Car brought to the market the number of new products with the amount of innovation and potential impact that these products represent.”

The latest version of Club Car’s Precedent golf car, the Precedent i3, introduces the Internet of Things to the golf business through what is being called “connected” technology.

“Machines that interact with the businesses and customers they were designed to serve become more than machines. Effectively, they are smart tools capable of supporting business objectives. That’s what makes the new Precedent i3 a true business resource for our customers,” Dufour said.

Through the screen (now standard) mounted in the golf car, Precedent i3 connects the golf car fleet to the golf operation (golf shop, maintenance facility, etc.) via computer, smartphone or tablet, as well as with golfers throughout their round.

With the most advanced feature packages available on the new Precedent, operators can receive information in real time regarding the status of the golf cars’ batteries along with diagnostics that can mitigate and even prevent performance and maintenance issues. This kind of information reduces the likelihood, for example, that the course sends a golf car out on the course that loses power because its batteries were not charged sufficiently.

“Information properly leveraged is the competitive difference in most businesses today,” Dufour said. “The information Precedent i3 provides gives operators more control of their operation, which can lead to a more successful business.”

E.R.I.C. Charging System

Precedent i3 is supported by Club Car’s new advanced electrical charging system known as E.R.I.C. The system has been designed around an intelligent long-term storage algorithm that continuously monitors changes in voltage and charges the golf car’s batteries when needed.

E.R.I.C., an acronym that stands for efficient, reliable, intelligent and connected, draws a maximum of 7.5 amps (lowest among major golf car manufacturers) and is designed to operate with AC input voltages of 85-270 VAC, which ensures reliable charging through voltage spikes and sags.

Based on a 10 percent increase in efficiency, Club Car estimates that E.R.I.C. will deliver significant utility savings over the life of a fleet when compared to its previous charging system.

One of E.R.I.C.’s most anticipated features is a system of visible and audible indicators that communicates to cart barn staff that a car is receiving electricity from the AC outlet and confirms that a charge is in process and/or complete.

CS (MarApr14) - Battery Watering Technologies


Battery Watering Technologies (BWT) is an independent manufacturer of precision molded parts located in Clemmons, North Carolina. Our products are produced in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA allowing us to supply the highest quality products on a global stage. We make watering valves that work and we guarantee that they will work by offering our five year full replacement warranty.

Because we are independent, we are able to run our business the way some may think is “old-fashioned”. We answer every phone call. Our customers are never put through a tortuous bout of frustrating voice mails and call transfers. Our employees treat our customers the way they are treated, with respect and courtesy. We invest in our employees just as we invest in our products through profit-sharing and bonus programs. Their willingness to help customers isn’t because they have to – it’s because they want to!

BWT began selling watering systems to the golf car market in 2002 when we discovered golf car owners were experiencing the same headaches as electric fork truck users. Filling the batteries faster and more safely with decreased exposure to acid and noxious fumes were the primary problems faced by both markets. For the golf car market, speed of installing the watering system on the batteries was important. We began offering fully assembled and partially assembled watering systems to make the installation quick and easy.

Our systems help reduce labor costs by decreasing the amount of time spent watering batteries. By attaching the watering system to a 2.5 gallon tank or direct fill link, the battery receives the right amount of water for each battery cell. Once the system is installed on the battery, the valves never have to be removed which removes the risk of battery acid and vapors from harming workers or spilling over to damage floors and equipment. The risk of under and overfilling batteries is eliminated.

What makes Battery Watering Technologies a great company to do business with doesn’t necessarily have to do with just technology. Although we provide the most innovative battery watering systems available on the market today, our employees, our services, and the range of products we offer differentiate us as the leader. Excellence in engineering, offering a quality product and providing unmatched service make Battery Watering Technologies the most trusted brand in the marketplace today.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in watering batteries. An optimist uses a BWT watering system.”

For more information, please visit

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