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Industry News - May/June 2013

Kent Manufacturing celebrates their 40th year in business. The company started with designing accessories for the Yamaha G1 and 3-wheel E-Z-GO. Kent Manufacturing is still able to sell any part it has ever designed, so anyone with a Hyundai or Melex is still able to convert it into a utility vehicle or 4-passenger. The current product line includes sun tops up to 20 feet long, accessories, manual and electric dump beds, custom boxes, and other products featuring aluminum and plastic fabrication. We do our own powder coating so custom colors can be accommodated. Kent Manufacturing has debut a new web site to show all their latest creations with more already waiting to be added.

The growth and success of the company is attributed to partnering with dealers to provide innovative solutions to their golf car and utility vehicle needs. A primary goal of Kent Manufacturing is to create an enduring and mutually beneficial relationship with each dealer. This fact is proven by their inquiry referral process. Each dealer with an open account with Kent Manufacturing receives referrals from all direct REOs that originate from their designated service area, either from phone, fax, email, or website. Kent Manufacturing wants their dealers to provide sales and service to the end user so that we can concentrate on producing quality products made in the U.S.A.

To provide perspective to the longevity of Kent Manufacturing, in 1973 Xerox introduced the color copier and gasoline was 40 cents a gallon. Vice-president Chad Drobisch who is marking his 25th year with the company would like to thank all the dealers who have grown over the years with Kent Manufacturing and promises to provide the quality service that they have deserved from many more years to come.

Kent Manufacturing can be reached by email at or visit

Best Buy Golf Carts announces the addition of Robert (”Bob”) Hoffman joining their staff. Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Bob grew up attending school at Kiski Area High School. After graduating from high school Bob joined the Army for service to his country. He did so by serving as an intelligence analyst for the Army during his tour in Vietnam.

After receiving an honorable discharge, he married his high school prom date, Linda, and are the proud parents of two children Rob and Chris. They are also grandparents to three grandchildren: Rylan in Florida, Hailey in California, and Jonathyn in Pennsylvania. While raising a family, Bob and his wife successfully started and operated Get The Picture, a one hour photo and photography business in central Pennsylvania. Bob has also excelled in the field of photography with some of his images being shown around the world.

In 2007 Bob joined the sales staff of Best Golf Cars in South Carolina and later excelled to the position of sales and store manager. He contributed greatly to Best Golf Cars as the manager until relocating to north Florida in 2012. Bob is now the newest member of the Best Buy Golf Carts team. “We are pleased Bob has decided to join us,” says Michael Rosenbarker, CEO of Best Buy Golf Carts. “We are benefitting from his expertise and leadership, and look forward to a banner year with his helpful consultation. Feel free to drop in and say hi and welcome him to the community.”

About the company: Best Buy Golf Carts has been in business in the Jacksonville area and Green Cove Springs since 1976 and supplies golf cart parts and accessories throughout the United States. Specializing in resolving golf cart electrical issues, Best Buy Golf Carts also sells new and pre-owned golf carts, golf cart parts and accessories, and builds customized carts. They are the areas only authorized Trojan & Powertron, USI battery dealer and they are a authorized Nivel and E-Z-GO Authorized Dealer. Visit their large show room to view pre-owned, new and custom golf carts and their stocked parts room with some of the lowest prices on golf cart parts and golf cart accessories.

For more information visit their website at

The driving carts and views of snow-capped mountains may lead you to believe you’re at a golf course. But this Las Vegas complex has one major difference.

“What’s different here is instead of having places in the golf cart to put your bags with your golf clubs in it, we have gun racks built in these carts and a place to put your ammunition,” said Steve Carmichael, program administrator for the Clark County Shooting Complex.

The $3 million, “five-star” sporting clay course, located 25 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip at the Clark County Shooting Complex, offers 30 different shooting across 75 acres of land. The sport more commonly known as “golfing with guns” offers experienced shooters a chance to test out their skills.

“Every station offers a different type of shooting challenge,” said Carmichael. “All the target launchers are different on each shooting station. It’s made to simulate upland birds or maybe even game running on the ground.”

And for those without experience, no worries.

“We can cover the whole gambit because we got people that can come out here with you and can show you how to do it,” added Carmichael. “I have some excellent ringmasters that are glad to come out here and spend time with you.”

The course is open to the public Sunday through Wednesday, with gun rentals starting at $20 and driving cart rentals for $50 a day.

SilverWolf Vehicles Inc. has introduced a motor kit that bolts to the front suspension of a golf car to provide 4WD performance and act as an independent drive system.

Two motorized wheels offer ultra-high levels of torque without limiting the vehicles top speed. “The motors provide over 250 Nm of torque to each of the front wheels”, says company CEO, Bill Jager,“ which almost doubles the pulling power and traction of a standard golf car”.

The kit bolts easily to the existing steering and suspension system and works well with both lifted and stock vehicles. The 4WD is engaged by using a dash mounted switch that controls the amount of torque provided by the motors. The motor kit can also be adapted to gas UTVs and other vehicles to make them true hybrids.

Contact Information:

Doyle Golf, one of the premier online retailers of golf course products, announced the introduction of golf cart parts to their vast inventory. The new product line covers a wide range of golf cart parts, including windshields, replacement tops, tires, and custom accessories. Customers shouldn’t have a problem finding exactly what they need as most parts are available for Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha brands.

“The addition of golf cart parts to our website gives us the most comprehensive offering of golf course products online,” said Mike Doyle, President of Doyle Golf. “We’re excited to expand our inventory and give our customers, golf courses and individuals alike, the most convenient, one-stop shopping experience.” The new line of golf cart parts is available now, and additional products will continue to be added based on customers’ needs. The products are all competitively priced, and many products offer multiple color options to customize each golf cart.

For more information, visit or email

U.S. Battery is sponsoring an effort to raise $50,000 in support of the Wounded Warrior Project, by supplying its US 145 XC-2™ Deep Cycle batteries for a golf cart that will be driven 3,900 miles across the USA. Ray Rehberg and other off-duty military volunteers will be driving the street-legal cart through 13 states at an average speed of 25 miles per hour. The electric golf cart uses a 48-volt system that requires the use of eight deep cycle 6-volt batteries. “We’re happy and honored to be involved with this unique project,” says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery Executive VP, Sales and Marketing. “Because our US 145 XC-2™ batteries are made for extreme power, extreme longevity, and carry maximum amperage for longer periods of time, it will help the team reach their miles per day goal, which could end up being nearly 200 miles on occasion”.

To accomplish this, U.S. Battery will supply six sets of batteries that will be recharged using multiple QuiQ™ industrial battery chargers donated by Delta-Q Technologies. The QuiQ™ Charger’s reliable on-board design and customized charge algorithm for U.S. Battery make it a good solution to take the power from a portable generator and rapidly put energy into the battery pack.” “With our involvement, the Carting for a Cause team will always have a fresh set of batteries to maximize their travel time,” says Wallace.

The event, scheduled for May 2013, will begin in Petaluma, California. “It’s never been done before,” Rehberg says. “Nobody has ever driven an electric golf cart across America from coast to coast.” Their mission to raise funds, awareness, and support for injured service members will also include stopping at various Veterans of Foreign Wars posts, Disabled American Veterans chapters, American Legions, Veteran’s Hospitals, and other military areas to visit with as many veterans as possible from all military branches.

For more information, contact U.S. Battery at Carting for a Cause is a not for profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.

For additional information and donations, visit

Club Pro Manufacturing USA, a leading innovator of highly engineered golf car accessories, is pleased to announce the acquisition of all intellectual property and the material assets of Encompass Golf Cart Enclosures, LLC. The acquisition aligns the Encompass design with the engineering, manufacturing and distribution capabilities of Club Pro Manufacturing USA and paves the way for the immediate market release of the Encompass.

The Encompass Enclosure, featuring an exclusive, patent-pending design, combines affordability, modular functionality, automobile-like styling (with full functioning doors) and all-weather protection for the golf cart marketplace.  The enclosure system installs in under one hour and the doors can be removed in seconds.

Club Pro Manufacturing USA is a New York-based fully-integrated engineering, manufacturing and fulfillment center for golf car accessories.  The Encompass will be available June 1 for the Precedent model.  Orders are being pre-booked now.  Please contact Club Pro MFG at 1-800-467-2844 or for more information.

TS (JanFeb12) - Battery Water

By: Matt Vallez

This article was originally published in the Golf Car News Mar/Apr 2009 issue, it has been fact checked and updated as needed.

Do you know what kind of water is going into the batteries you maintain? Aside from making sure there is adequate water in the battery in the first place, what’s most important is the purity of that water, because any water is better than no water at all. This is not a question about the water being healthy for humans to drink. The water could be considered healthy for humans, but may be harmful for a battery. Chlorine is commonly used to kill bacteria by water municipalities and is present in most tap water; it keeps the water free from bacteria dangerous to humans. However this same chlorine is harmful to a battery. Any dissolved mineral in the water such as calcium, magnesium, chlorides and other naturally occurring minerals and salts are said to make the water hard. Hard water is water with a high mineral content.

Hard water will shorten the life of any battery, and even more so the life of a deep cycle battery. The more often the battery is charged or cycled and gassed, the more evaporation takes place, as a result more water must be added to keep the battery plates covered. Over time the hard water’s dissolved minerals and salts build up on the plates of the battery. This build-up will seriously shorten the usable life of the battery. Preventing these impurities from getting into the battery in the first place is what we are discussing today.

The first question you might ask is how hard is the water where I am? Do I even need to worry about this in the first place? Those are both good questions and an answer can be found at: http.// there is a map there that will give you hardness by region. Let me just give you a “readers digest version”. The softest water is in parts of New England, South Atlantic-Gulf, Pacific Northwest, Hawaii regions. Everywhere else has moderately hard water, hard water or very hard water. Even if you are in an area with the softest water there may be things added to the water that makes it hard, such as chlorine depending on how the water is treated in your local area.

The best ways to test the hardness of your water is with an alkalinity test or contact your local utility. See the website if you want to get locally specific water hardness info. Hardness is caused by compounds of calcium and magnesium, and by a verity of other metals. General guidelines for classifications of water are: 0-60 MG/L (milligrams per liter) as calcium carbonate is classified as soft; 61 to 120 moderately hard; 121 to 180 MG/L as hard; and more than 180MG/L as very hard. Most people have hard water and for the sake of this article let’s assume you have hard water.

Once you have determined you have hard water and hard water is bad for your batteries, you have limited choices. A. You can ignore this article and the major battery manufactures and just top off your batteries with hard tap water. B. Buy distilled water, not just bottled water but distilled bottled water and top off your batteries with it. C. Get a filtration system to filter out the harmful minerals and salts and top off your batteries with that. To me B & C are the only ones that make any sense.

And unless you are only caring for a few golf cars or you want to get some practice as Gunga Din for you’re your local playhouse’s annual Rudyard Kipling poetry reenactment day, I suggest you look into getting a filter set up to purify the water before it goes into your batteries. Lugging around gallon jugs of water is hard work and expensive, you usually have to drive to the store to get the distilled bottled water and then there is a storage issue. The water in the tap can be made pure no mater how hard it is with a good filter system. And now available for the first time from Nivel is the Philadelphia Scientific Water Deionizers Filtration System. These can be ordered with the patented, non electric watering gun with automatic shutoff.

I know putting pure water in your batteries sounds like a lot of extra work, just keeping water in the things can be a full time job, but how much work is it to change out a set of batteries a year earlier that you should have?

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